Pope, on plane to Germany, says abuse scandal has driven some from church

ON THE PAPAL FLIGHT TO GERMANY — Pope Benedict XVI met with reporters this morning aboard the papal plane to Germany. He answered four questions: one in German and three in Italian.

The pope was asked about the number of German Catholics formally renouncing their membership in the church. He said people leave for a number of reasons and the formal declaration often is the last step in a long process of moving away from the Catholic community.

Some, he said, have left because of the revelation of “terrible scandals” involving clerical sexual abuse, especially if the scandals have affected people close to them.

He said the church is “the Lord’s net” and like any fisherman’s net, there can be bad fish. Catholic leaders need to explain and help people understand the nature of the church as the people of God and “learn to withstand even these scandals and work against these scandals from the inside.”

Pope Benedict, who has been in Rome for some 30 years, was asked if he still feels German. He said, yes, a person’s cultural roots can’t be cut easily and, besides, most of the books he reads are written in German.

Asked about the planned protests in Germany during his visit, the pope said they were normal in a secularized, democratic society.

But, he said, there are also “great expectations and great love for the pope in Germany.”

The pope added that in many sectors of the German population, there is a growing sense of a need for a moral voice in society.

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5 Responses to Pope, on plane to Germany, says abuse scandal has driven some from church

  1. Bro. Ringo says:

    You know what strikes me when the pope speaks?Nothing.He rarely says anything of substance as far as I’m concerned;I’m sorry,but to me he’s just an empty cassock.I mean,we are constantly told that he possesses one of the keenest intellects in the Catholic Church.Really?I would remind your readers that not too long ago,the pope profess bewilderment as to…”What was wrong in our proclamation,in our whole way of living the Christian life,to allow such a thing to happen…” People,a first-year seminary student ought to know the answer to that question!!(Presumably)To wit:stop proclaiming catholicism and start proclaiming our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!As The Master Himself stated in John8:34;36…”Whoever commits sin is a slave of sin…Therefore if the Son makes you free,you shall free indeed…”(NKJV)Only our Saviour can free this church:not Mary,not this befuddled pope,not the dogs and swine trodding the halls of the Vatican “heirarchy”,not dead saints,not rites,rituals,or empty ceremony…none of that.Only Jesus.Only Him.The pope called the church “the Lord’s net”;sorry,not this church.This “church’s”net is catching sharks and barracudas that are devouring your children.Flee from it!!!

  2. Aaron Murphy says:

    Anger is the path to the dark side Ringo. Fear is the mind killer. Cliches from pop movies not scripture. But basic obvious truths. The saints are those people, flawed and human like us who have nevertheless lived exemplary lives by any standards, and who are beloved by those who venerate them and ask them to approach Jesus on their behalf. Jesus is the way, the Catholic church provides the most ways to find him. When we fail and sin the Catholic church is the best hope for reconciliation.
    If you went to an anger management class you would find what? people with the same problem, trying to help each other overcome it. They would have rules and rituals that must be followed in order to reach it. Do you think you could find freedom from your anger and fear alone in an empty room or with a group of angry people with no rules to abide?
    You are not seeing clearly if you cannot recognize the basic nature of the church as the worlds first and biggest sinners anonymous meeting. It was founded by God himself in the person of Jesus as the best hope of redemption. He personally trained the original members and after his resurrection continues to shepherd them personally. Even under his nose in life even though he knew about it there was Judas. If God did not prevent Judas from betraying Jesus in life why whould he prevent betrayals by clergy now? There will always be evil men pretending to be good men in order to ruin all men’s trust in each other. You would do well to at least educate yourself before passing judgement, as we all should.

  3. Mejece says:

    I knew many wonderful, kind priests when I was a little girl in the ’70’s. There are alot of fish in the sea….and the existence of sharks does not negate the presence of “good” fish.

  4. Laura says:

    I have visited many denominations, and it wasn’t until I came back to the Catholic Church, spent time learning about what Catholocism is about, and implimented it into my life under the FULLNESS of Truth, did I ever find happines….Love…the commandment is Love…May the Peace of Christ be with you all…and I hope that someday Ringo learns what the True meaning of Jesus Christ is about…

  5. mojo says:

    The Pope himself is linked to the cover up. He should confess, repent and step down. Since the Roman Empire, The Roman Catholic Church has been involved in many scandals, lies and sins. Time to clean house.

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