Cuatro Vientos: a sea of devout Catholics

By Sara Angle
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MADRID —Pilgrims must truly be “Rooted and Built Up in Jesus Christ, Firm in the Faith,” to have made it this far in WYD. I’m here at Cuatro Vientos and the scene is one of mixed emotions. Some are making the best of the crowded and sweltering environment, but many look very unhappy.

There are people dancing and singing to the music blaring from the loud speakers, and there are others looking absolutely miserable as they remove any extra layers of clothing to cool off, run towards fire trucks that are spraying water, pour water bottles over each others’ heads, take naps to pass time, and tie up tarps to create makeshift tents. I’ve never seen anything like it, and it really is a sea of people.

The Vigil with Pope Benedict is scheduled to begin at 2:30 EDT, so until then there is on-stage entertainment to help the eager pilgrims stay sane.

Sara Angle, 21, is a senior at Villanova University and has written for CNS from Rome and Washington. She enjoys traveling and soaking up the culture of her surroundings, be it through food, fashion or faith, and looks forward to covering WYD for CNS — from the big events to the off-beat adventures. Sara loves reading and writing (but not arithmetic) and dancing like no one is watching. You can also follow her on Twitter @CatholicNewsSvc. She’ll be using the hashtag #SaraInMadrid.

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5 Responses to Cuatro Vientos: a sea of devout Catholics

  1. Irene Ott says:

    I am praying for you.

  2. jeanniiie says:

    Sara seems to be having difficulty seeing saints among the million or more pilgrims in Madrid. Unlike her, I saw many joyfilled, holy people on webtv.

  3. Sara Angle says:

    Of course they won’t show you the napping, sweaty people on TV! : ) It was about 50/50 from my vantage point in the crowd.

  4. jeanniiie says:

    They didn’t show this either, dear Sara:
    One and a half million young people kneel in the mud to adore the Blessed Sacrament at WYD
    By Deacon Nick,on August 21st,2011

  5. Sara Angle says:

    Yes! How beautiful!

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