Seeing the pope ‘takes my breath away’

By Emily Anderson
One in a series

MADRID — No matter how many times it happens, seeing the pope takes my breath away. I am sitting in Spain, with teens I love, celebrating a faith I love and I am paid for it. Excitement does not describe the feeling here! Joy is what is happening all around. Teens and adults alike living in the light of Christ! The Holy Father is finally here and it feels like I am right at home! God is good!

Yesterday, 20,000 people protested World Youth Day at a local metro stop. Today, in droves, teens from all over the world witnessed that Christ is here, joy is here and that we are called to be light in the darkness! Muchas Gracias Papa! We love you!

Emily “Em” Anderson, 28, is the director of youth ministry at St. James Catholic Church in Falls Church, Va. She is excited to be traveling with seven teens and two other adults from her ministry. This is her second World Youth Day, having trekked across the world to Sydney with 10 teens for World Youth Day in 2008. She enjoys laughing, singing at the top of her lungs — rather badly — praying liturgy of the hours and planning her next party.

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2 Responses to Seeing the pope ‘takes my breath away’

  1. The Kenneys says:

    Fr. Horkan remembered all you WYD pilgrims in a special way this morning (Sat 8/20/11) at the 830am mass at St. James!

  2. Em Anderson says:

    How kind of Fr. Horkan! What a blessing!

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