Pilgrims will be in awe of pope today

By Sara Angle
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MADRID — Today the pope arrived at Barajas airport around noon, but he won’t meet with all of the World Youth Day pilgrims until 8  this evening, at Plaza de Cibeles for the welcoming ceremony.

I can’t help but think about how amazing this first encounter will be for pilgrims who have not been blessed with seeing Pope Benedict XVI before.

I was lucky enough to attend the weekly audience held by the pope almost every week during my 3 months in Rome, but I remember the chills I got the first time I saw him. It was only a day or two into my internship with CNS, if I recall, and there I was, standing in the press box at the pope. Inside, my mind was saying, “Oh. My. Gosh. That is THE pope.”

From the first time I saw the pope at the General Audience in Rome.

I hope that the pilgrims will be just as in awe tonight as I was the first time I saw Pope Benedict, and pray that I will have that same experience all over again.

Sara Angle, 21, is a senior at Villanova University and has written for CNS from Rome and Washington. She enjoys traveling and soaking up the culture of her surroundings, be it through food, fashion or faith, and looks forward to covering WYD for CNS — from the big events to the off-beat adventures. Sara loves reading and writing (but not arithmetic) and dancing like no one is watching. You can also follow her on Twitter @CatholicNewsSvc. She’ll be using the hashtag #SaraInMadrid.

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  1. Sally Guanella Buckland says:

    Sara, I enjoy your blog posts and your impressions of World Youth Day in Madrid. Have a great time tonight with all the other pilgrims when Pope Benedict XVI appears and gives his blessing to all. My family and I will be in Rome and the Vatican on October 23, 2011 when Pope Benedict XVI canonizes my 5th cousin Blessed Luigi Guanella. We are thrilled that Blessed Luigi is being honored in our lifetime. From the mountains of Colorado, Sally Guanella Buckland

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