A day for cultural and liturgical festivities in Madrid

By Sara Angle
One in a series

MADRID — I spent a lot of time at the Life and Love center this afternoon, floating between events. The English-speakers home is sponsored by the Knights of Columbus and Sisters of Life and being housed in Madrid’s main indoor sports arena. The building is a maze, and I got frustrated trying to find where I wanted to be!

I had quite a comical experience running AWAY from the Eucharist there, too.

I was trying to get to the Adoration Chapel for Eucharist adoration with Archbishop Dolan of N.Y., but had to make it there before the Eucharist did! Let’s just say that those priests were booking it!

Afterward, I had the chance to interview Archbishop Dolan (look for a CNS video soon.) He seems so excited to be here and didn’t know about the Forgiveness Festival (tons of portable confessionals set up in Madrid’s largest park,) but said he would like to go there for confession this week.

One of the big cultural events of the day was the Cinema Festival, which took place in Madrid’s theater district. I caught “The Gardener of God,” a film about the life of Fr. Gregor Mendel, who is played by Christopher Lambert. The theater was packed with people from all different countries, but the film played in English with Spanish subtitles. It was really interesting to learn about Mendel’s life as a priest, because I really only knew about his scientific legacy. The Father of Genetics was a religious father to so many.

Sara Angle, 21, is a senior at Villanova University and has written for CNS from Rome and Washington. She enjoys traveling and soaking up the culture of her surroundings, be it through food, fashion or faith, and looks forward to covering WYD for CNS — from the big events to the off-beat adventures. Sara loves reading and writing (but not arithmetic) and dancing like no one is watching. You can also follow her on Twitter @CatholicNewsSvc. She’ll be using the hashtag #SaraInMadrid.

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  1. Glad to see the youth hungry for quality. I wish I was there with my daughter, Anna.

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