Inspecting confessionals and thanking North Americans

By Tom Tracy

MADRID — Children played and joggers passed as Madrid’s cardinal made a brief visit to inspect 200 temporary confessionals constructed in Madrid’s equivalent to Central Park.

The confessionals at the Jardines del Buen Retiro will play an important spiritual role in next week’s World Youth Day events — and their open-air design mimics the forested environment of the park, said Cardinal Antonio Rouco Varela.

Cardinal Rouco, who will greet Pope Benedict XVI when he arrives in Spain Aug. 18, was all smiles as he shook hands with construction workers finishing up the confessional projects Aug. 11. He also spoke with others strolling by and who were surprised to find him there.

A company in Avila was responsible for the white confessional structures lined up in two long rows running through a portion of the park. Pilgrims will be able to seek shelter from the sun and seek confession in their own languages.

“I came over to see the installation of the ‘Festival of Forgiveness,’” the cardinal said.

After shaking hands with the construction chief, the cardinal told Catholic News Service that the design fits in with the theme of the park and that reconciliation should be a part of the Christian pilgrimage experience.

“This is a symbol for the pilgrim: to come back to life and to be new men and women again through this dialogue with a priest,” he said, adding that Pope Benedict may visit the park and hear a confession or two Aug. 20.

The cardinal also took the opportunity to thank North American youth for registering in such large numbers for World Youth Day. He said the Europeans, including the Italians, will probably make up the largest group in attendance, but the numbers from North America will be significant.

“We are grateful for your presence,” Cardinal Rouco said.

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  1. Andre Codouni says:

    Yeah, and that reminds me to tell you that there will be a large group of young staunch Christian Catholic Lebanese people.there. They will be for others an encouragement to practice the faith despite difficulties in their home country .

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