What’s up with the new Roman Missal?

Cover for the new Roman Missal

Cover for the new Roman Missal. (USCCB)

Many parishes are actively helping Catholics familiarize themselves with the changes to the Roman Missal by setting up meetings about it in their church, handing out flyers after Mass and having speakers address the congregation before the end of Mass. The U.S. bishops’ conference has posted on its website numerous resources and catechetical aids to help Catholics understand the changes, which can be confusing.

Catholic News Service is planning a series of articles to explain how the new translation will affect you and why it’s taking place.

Do you have questions about the changes? Send them to us and the answers could appear in an upcoming article!

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3 Responses to What’s up with the new Roman Missal?

  1. Bruce says:

    With three memorial acclamations and only one introduction how will the congregation know which one to use? The rubric does not include the priest/presider in the response to “The mystery of faith.”

  2. Father Rob Waller says:

    In the Penitential Act, “I confess to almighty God …,” there is an instruction, “And, striking their breast.” Rather than “reaching a hand to the heart/chest” the people are asked to “strike their breast.” Is this a reference to historical penitential self-flagellation or is that overstating the reason for the instruction?

  3. Art Winter says:

    What is the meaning of the word spirit in “And with your spirit”? I’ve heard a half-dozen different explanations, none very satisfactory. It seems to me we should try to find the meaning it had when the Mass was first translated in Latin. At the moment all that is clear is that we have a confusing situation here. Can you help? Art

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