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VATICAN CITY — The first day of the launch of the Vatican’s new news portal,, registered more than a quarter of a million clicks from more than 200 countries in the world.

Twenty-four hours after the site went live when Pope Benedict XVI tapped “publish” on an electronic tablet June 28, the site was been tweeted more than 77, 300 times and “liked” on Facebook by more than 7,000 people.

The story with the most hits (16, 454) was a Vatican newspaper article reflecting on Pope Benedict’s recollection of his priestly ordination, which he had called “the most important moment of my life,” which is also the headline of the Osservatore Romano article. The launch of the news site was meant to help celebrate the pope’s 60th anniversary of his ordination June 29.

Not surprising is that the vast majority of viewers chose to read the site in English rather than Italian — the only two languages currently available. As we reported earlier, other languages like Spanish will be gradually added later.

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  1. An important move, for which I am thankful and excited for the future.

    Yet, given that the @news_va_en Twitter handle has nearly 64,000 followers but doesn’t follow even a single person, our Church clearly has a LONG way to go in its understanding of SOCIAL media and how to use it to engage and inspire.

    The Vatican is starting with a publishing mentality, even as it is using tools that are designed for conversation. Hoping God will bless all of us with a fruitful learning curve.

  2. Am thrilled about this and far away in San Marino Diocese, I have been praying daily for Pope Benedict at the Adoration going on for his intentions.What a wonderful way for us to keep connected with the happenings at the Vatican.

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