Lila Rose sees abortion as greatest human rights abuse

It goes without saying there are a lot of important causes that spur activism, but for Lila Rose, the abortion issue in the U.S. is paramount. Rose is the founder and president of the pro-life group Live Action, which currently focuses on investigating Planned Parenthood.

She was recently in the Diocese of Madison, Wis., for the annual dinner and auction of the Wisconsin Right to Life Education Fund. Coverage of Rose’s remarks is in the June 9 issue of the Catholic Herald, Madison’s diocesan newspaper.

“The purpose of laws is to protect people in this country. The purpose of laws is to protect the weak against the strong,” she said. “But what happens to a country, to a legal system when the law is turned against the weakest member of the society? That at the very heart of the system is injustice.”

In April Rose was in Washington to speak at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast. She talked about becoming a Catholic recently, calling it the “best decision” she ever made.

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