Canada’s Novalis celebrates 75th anniversary

Our friends at Novalis, Canada’s premier publisher of religious books, resources and periodicals, are celebrating the company’s 75th anniversary this year.

A visit to the company’s website reveals books, magazines and resources for parishes and schools, but also “for people who are on their own spiritual journey,” points out is publishing director, Joseph Sinasac.

He said the Toronto-based publishing house grew out of a movement in ’30s, ’40s and ’50s for the development of lay Catholics. Its first product was a missalette for people in the pews to follow along with the Latin Mass. Today, he said, Novalis helps lay Catholics “understand how their own faith can guide and enrich their lives, whether at home, or in the workplace, or simply as citizens in the world.”

Novalis is planning a series of events around Canada to mark its anniversary. Keep track by following it on its Facebook page.

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