Ayn Rand, prison ministry, Daniel Berrigan and podcasting

No, it’s not apparent why those topics are clustered together. That’s the nature of the blog, “Dating God, Franciscan Spirituality for the 21st Century,” by Franciscan Brother Dan Horan.

The journalism and theology graduate of St. Bonaventure University — who’s occasionally had his photos published in CNS — just finished a year of teaching at Siena College,  will take his solemn vows in the Order of Friars Minor this summer, and is on course for ordination to the priesthood next year.

In his spare time, Brother Horan blogs on a wide range of topics. In just the last week, that’s included a reflection on the rise in popularity among conservative politicians of atheist philosopher and writer Ayn Rand; several podcasts from a chaplain at a New York state prison; and some reflections from Jesuit Father Daniel Berrigan on nonviolence.

As exhausting as that sounds, Brother Horan manages to keep his blog thoughtful and educational, with a keen eye for the wide range of topics that intersect with questions of  faith and belief.

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One Response to Ayn Rand, prison ministry, Daniel Berrigan and podcasting

  1. vance says:

    I am in the Conservative camp and I can say that Ayn Rand has no commonality with us. Yes, the Libertarians may have much in common with her. I am curious about why a soon to be priest is facinated with Ayn Rand who was an antithesis to the Catholic Church.

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