A basketball playoff, an archbishop, a bishop and a wager

Who knows what team will ultimately prevail to become the NBA champions, the Dallas Mavericks or the Miami Heat, but one thing for sure is the friendly wager between Dallas Bishop Kevin J. Farrell and Miami Archbishop Thomas G. Wenski. It’s Key lime pies and a box of handmade cigars vs. BBQ ribs and tortillas and salsa. But there’s more, so check out the full details on the website of the Miami Archdiocese and the Dallas Diocese.

Here’s a little factoid about basketball: As I was trying to find some colorful synonyms for basketball player, a CNS colleague and I remembered players often were called “cagers.” Don’t hear that too much these days, but where did the term come from? Circa 1896-1900 basketball was played in a large mesh cage.

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