A World Youth Day song? Quite Normal!

A musical ensemble calling itself “Witnesses to Love” from the Pope John Paul II Catholic Newman Center at Illinois State University in Normal, Ill., has one of only six U.S. entries in a World Youth Day song contest.

However, while there may be only six songs from the States, worldwide there are 138 tunes in the competition. And while Witnesses to Love’s song, “Planted,” was not placed into competition until April 30 — the last possible day it could have — it climbed to 50th place after just five days and has inched its way up to 44th in electronic voting conducted at the contest site.

The top 25 vote getters will be judged by a panel, with five of them selected to be performed at World Youth Day in Madrid.

The one catch is that voting ends May 31, which means that “Planted” is going to need a lot more votes to make it to the next round.

To read more about Witnesses to Love and “Planted,” check out the story written in The Catholic Post, Peoria’s diocesan newspaper.

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