Illinois Newman Center wants your vote

Students at the John Paul II Catholic Newman Center at Illinois State University want your vote so they can sing the song they composed for World Youth Day in Madrid in August.

Their entry — called “Planted ” — is one of 139 songs entered in the worldwide contest and can be heard here. Only six entries are from the U.S. Viewers can vote for the song by clicking on “Votar” (vote in Spanish) in the video link.

While you’re at it, the students are asking you to share the link with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

The Catholic Post in Peoria, Ill., reports that the top 25 vote-getting compositions will be reviewed by a panel. The five judged best will be performed at World Youth Day.

“Our goal is to play for the pope,” said Sister Sara Marie Kowal, assistant director of the Newman Center and the keyboard player in the recording.

Votes will be accepted until May 30.

As has been the custom elsewhere in Illinois, vote early and vote often.

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  1. Great well down both the lyrics and mucis, My vote is for you. God Bless you all.
    Fr. Carl

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