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Capturing the lives of monks in British Columbia

“This Side of Eden,” which premiered Palm Sunday on Canada’s Salt + Light Television, has gotten great reviews, and viewers around the world have more chances to watch the documentary about the monks of Westminster Abbey in British Columbia. News … Continue reading

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Vatican newspaper launches new website

VATICAN CITY — Marking the beginning of the seventh year of the papacy of Pope Benedict XVI, the Vatican newspaper launched a new website. The site, initially available only in Italian and English, debuted last evening as this morning’s issue … Continue reading

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New request: Turn cell phones on at church

Parishioners are often advised to turn off cellphones or pagers in keeping with the solemnity of the Mass. But a story in Our Sunday Visitor suggests something contrary. It says priests should ask  parishioners to actually turn on their mobile devices. “You would surely hear gasps as people wonder … Continue reading

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