Vatican invites Catholic bloggers to dialogue

VATICAN CITY — The Vatican is opening a new avenue for dialogue, this time with Catholic bloggers.

The pontifical councils for culture and for social communications are inviting bloggers to the Vatican May 2 so the Vatican can “listen to the experiences of those who are actively involved in this arena” and “achieve a greater understanding of the needs of that community,” said a press release sent out this morning.

The meeting is pretty much open to any Catholic blogger, but the fact that there are only 150 seats in the conference hall and that the Vatican is looking for a mix of languages means the Vatican will be making some choices. The press release said the Vatican also wants a geographical mix and diversity based on the kinds of blogs out there: institutional and private, multi-voice and personal.

Those who want to attend must apply by sending an email to and including a link to their blog. The press release also said that those who apply first will be given priority.

The pontifical councils chose the day after Pope John Paul II’s beatification because they assume many of the bloggers will already be in Rome and wouldn’t have to make a special trip. Simultaneous translation will be provided in Italian, English, French, Polish and Spanish.

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7 Responses to Vatican invites Catholic bloggers to dialogue

  1. If the Vatican is serious about this conversation, why isn’t it doing it online? Where is the Vatican based blog site that we can all log into for the conversation? And I have to question the expectation that one day is enough to achieve the stated goals of the meeting.

    Why would you expect that Catholic bloggers would want to be in Rome for the John Paul 11 beatification? Sounds like selective conversation again.

    Where are the subsidies for bloggers from developing countries who cannot whip up a quick air fare when Rome calls?

    Oh well, I will continue blogging away downunder and make an effort to add my voice on May 2 with the hope that someone in the Vatican is “following” me.

  2. Babujohn p says:

    hopping to see you bloggers in vatican on may2

  3. Ronald C says:

    What Catholic blogger would not want to be in Rome for JPII’s beatification?

  4. Barbara says:

    Well Tony , I think, to be fair, they are making a gesture. The Vatican is trying to reach out to bloggers, and they now know that this is a type, with whom they wish to dialogue. It would seem disingenuous to question their motives.

  5. Next step: ecumenical blogdom outreach! 🙂

    Send me a ticket and I’ll go as an observer. Like a lot of Protestants, I like this Pope.

  6. Jeff says:

    How are we to know the dialouge that does occur? I would love to find out what is said at this meeting.

  7. Jim Finfera says:

    I agree with Tony, would be better if this was online. Most of us cannot pickup and go to Rome but would be interested in participating. However, the invite is a great gesture. I love this Pope and especially his last two books on Jesus of Nazareth!

    Jim 🙂

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