Virginia Catholics make connection to modern saint

Virginia Catholics had a chance to view second-class relics of St. Gianna Molla in late March during a special night in honor of the saint at Our Lady of Angels Church in Woodbridge.

A story on the event reported by the Arlington Catholic Herald said that participants, including several families with young children, took turns fingering the fabric from St. Gianna’s wedding dress and holding her leather gloves.

Participant Mary Cuellar said handling the relics gave her a feeling similar to electricity and left her shaky. Together with her husband, she encouraged her daughter to hold one of the gloves to her throat, while praying for a cure for her heart and thyroid problems.

You can view Catholic News Service’s story on the modern saint here.

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One Response to Virginia Catholics make connection to modern saint

  1. BMH says:

    The article that this post links to points out that the wedding dress fabric in question has been made into a chasuble (the outer vestment a priest wears when celebrating Mass). There’ a photo of it, too, in the linked article.

    I’m a rather traditional Catholic and a big devotee of St. Gianna (named a daughter after her), but to me, this smacks of clericalism.

    Here’s an idea — why not leave the wedding dress a wedding dress? Gianna is, after all, a wonderful example of the vocation of marriage. What a nice thing it would have been to view, touch, etc the wedding dress as a wedding dress, a vivid symbol of the sacrament of matrimony.

    We had to cut it apart and make it into a chasuble? Why?

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