Vatican invites people to *Like* John Paul II

VATICAN CITY — Vatican Radio and the Vatican Television Center are putting snippets from their vast audio and film archives of Pope John Paul II’s pontificate online on YouTube and Facebook.

The initiative, launched today, is meant as a run-up to the late pope’s beatification May 1.

The new YouTube page is here and features short clips of Pope John Paul, starting with his election in 1979.

Each video will be categorized by year, theme or the language the pope was speaking at the particular event. Three or four new videos will be added each day.

The same videos will also be uploaded to the Vatican’s general YouTube channel and then also linked to a new Facebook page dedicated to Pope John Paul’s beatification.

Those who like JP2 should be aware that Facebook is awash with unofficial John Paul II (and Pope Benedict) fan pages and spoofs. The page being run by Vatican Radio and the Vatican Television Center is at

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4 Responses to Vatican invites people to *Like* John Paul II

  1. sjdemoor85 says:

    So great to see the Catholic faith using the tool of the Internet to spread the faith to the world. I look forward to it’s progress in to the future.

  2. This reminds me on how our dearly Pope gave us love, hope, kindness and make our faith stronger.

    I missed him so much. He is really one of the best person (awaiting to be a Saint) in representing the Christian/Catholic Faith all over the world.

  3. Steve Blanchard says:

    Excellent information for any person.

  4. says:

    A wonderful person for our young to emulate. We need to live our lives for God, not man as Blessed John Paul 11 did. We were fortunate to have had him for such a long time.

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