Indian Catholic magazine makes impressive debut

Smart Companion India” is indeed smart. The new Kerala-based magazine debuted recently with 44 well-designed and well-edited pages of news and feature articles, interviews, opinions, reviews and beautiful visuals about Catholic faith and life in India. The magazine is produced by the Society of Jesus, and its editorial director is Jesuit Father Jacob Srampickal, a professor of communications at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome and a consultor of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications.

The magazine is published fortnightly, and is now on its sixth issue. This one discusses human rights, Christianity in Indian art, the papal reach into cyberspace to reach youth using social media, and an interesting interview with Bishop Thomas Macwan of Amedabad, the world’s first Gujarati bishop. (Mohandas Gandhi, the father of modern India, and Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of modern Pakistan, are both Gujarati.)

If you are an Indian Catholic or just have an interest in the ancient Catholic faith in India — it stretches back to the time of the Apostle Thomas bringing the faith to Kerala  — check out “Smart Companion India.” It’s a great new addition to the family of English-language Catholic magazines.

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4 Responses to Indian Catholic magazine makes impressive debut

  1. Indian Catholic says:

    Catholics must also be warned that despite its appeal, this “catholic” magazine is not unafraid to take positions at odds with Magisterial teaching.

  2. Dave Dimal says:

    If what “Indian Catholic” said is true, then this suppose catholic magazine should be sanctioned and declared apostate by Rome. The Pillar of the church is the Scripture, Tradition and Church Magisterium, each one supporting the immutable truth from God. If any church, revival spirit, or protestant leaning organizations, independent/private thinkers, wants to deviate from the Pillars of Truth, they seek the truth internally and should make their deviating opinions in public. Otherwise they should be ready to sanctioned or repudiated by their Bishops and Rome.

  3. Dave Dimal says:


    …they should seek the truth……

    ……they should seek the truth internally and should not make their deviating opinions public….

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