Book publisher sees evangelization opportunities in e-books, new media

News abounds these days about iPhone apps being created and used by Catholic dioceses, newspapers and other church entities. Take the newly released confession app, not meant to be a substitute for confession but to help Catholics prepare for the sacrament.

Now a publisher of Catholic children’s books based in La Jolla, Calif., has teamed up with a university to create an iPad application. The publisher is Rock House Press and the university is John Paul the Great Catholic University in San Diego.

A recent story by Our Sunday Visitor that is posted on the book publisher’s website describes the team effort. Ilow Roque, president and founder of the company, says he sees many evangelization opportunities in e-books and new media.

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1 Response to Book publisher sees evangelization opportunities in e-books, new media

  1. Adam Solove says:

    There are absolutely opportunities to sanctify the web and use it for evangelization, catechesis, and organizing communities. I’m glad to see that these two organizations are trying to do so, but a bit saddened that someone Catholic announcing a vague iPad app counts as news.

    Unfortunately, parishes and publishers often get talked into flavor-of-the-week technical solutions without adequate attention to making them usable, beautiful, or sanctifying. It looks like Rock House and JPU are trying for something meaningful, and best wishes to them.

    I run a digital publishing and web design firm and I would like to see a revival of the appreciation for quality and beautiful work. Catholics and our electronic communications can do a lot to spur that. If we had well-typeset, accessible versions of the Catechism, Liturgy of Hours, hymns, etc. online, it would be a great help. Unfortunately getting copyright permission to do so is still difficult.

    I hope Church leaders see the value in digital publishing while also understanding the difficult aesthetic and technical problems. Let’s invest in professional and beautiful publications to replace the rather childish things that we have online now.

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