A Pope John Paul miracle on Friday?

UPDATE: Our colleagues at the French Catholic news agency, I.Media, are reporting that the folks at St. Peter’s Basilica are already preparing for Pope John Paul II’s beatification.

Restoration work currently is underway on the altar and mosaic in the Chapel of St. Sebastian, which is between the chapel housing Michelangelo’s Pieta and the Blessed Sacrament Chapel.

The mosaic over the altar in the Chapel of St. Sebastian is hidden by scaffolding. (CNS/Cindy Wooden)

The French news agency reported today that the work is being done to ready the chapel to welcome the body of “Blessed” John Paul II. (Already in 2008 there were reports that once he was beatified, his body would be moved from the grotto under the basilica to the Chapel of St. Sebastian. The move would ensure his final resting place would be more accessible to pilgrims.)

VATICAN CITY — As early as Friday, Pope Benedict XVI could formally recognize the miracle needed for the beatification of Pope John Paul II.

(CNS/Paul Haring)

Just over a week ago, we cited a well-informed Italian reporter who said the only steps remaining in the acceptance of the miracle were the assent of the members of the Congregation for Saints’ Causes and the signature of the pope.

The same reporter, Andrea Tornielli, reported today that the cardinal- and archbishop-members of the congregation met yesterday and agreed.

Now a different informed source says that Cardinal Angelo Amato, prefect of the Congregation for Saints Causes, is scheduled to meet the pope Friday and present him with a number of decrees for his consideration. It seems the decree recognizing a miracle attributed to Pope John Paul will be among them.

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11 Responses to A Pope John Paul miracle on Friday?

  1. Adam says:

    Maybe he’ll be named patron saint of those who hide pedophiles (Cardinal Law for starters)! He has stained the image of the Church by refusing to fess up to the truth behind those alligations.

    Boo Vatican for honoring him without being honest about his flaws.

    I’ve been praying that this day would never come. Once this happens I fear that all those who have been harmed by the actions of a few sick men.

  2. lisa from Texas says:

    John Paul II was a great and holy man who often claimed that some in the church failed to live up to the expectations of Christ and their failure was tragic. Don’t confuse this holy man with those who acted in such horrible ways.

    I can think of no other more deserving than this devout man and our spiritual father for so many years. He will always hold a special place in my heart. JPII’s lessons brought me back to the Church after close to 20 years.
    His lessons on love, peace, the sacredness of life etc are outstanding. Read his writings before judging him. Blessed will be the day JPII is canonized!

  3. Katherine says:

    How wonderful! This day has come none to soon. I hope he will be named the Saint for Parkinsons patients to turn to. My father died of Parkinsons, and he admired Pope John Paul II. It will be a most welcomed announcement for many millions of people who bellieve in him.

  4. nambaziira says:

    May the God Almighty be praised in his Angles and Saints. Yes, Pope John Paul 11 deserves to be Canonized. He was my spiritual animator. All Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit as it was in the beggining is now and ever shall be world without end Amen.

  5. Adam,

    He didn’t hide Cardinal Law. The prosecutor in Boston had already announced that they weren’t going to press charges against him, because there just wasn’t enough evidence to support that he’d done anything illegal. (Don’t get me wrong – I think Law should have served time for what he did, but that’s different from saying that there was enough evidence to secure a guilty verdict).

    So Law was taken from heading one of the most important Archdioceses in the world to being in charge of a single church. Anyone familiar with the way that the Church is set up recognizes that for what it was: an enormous demotion.

    If you’re curious as to why (soon-to-be Blessed) JPII didn’t just fire him, it’s the same reason Peter didn’t just “fire” Judas. That’s not how things are done. Just as all the Apostles (not just the leader, Peter) were called directly by Christ (it isn’t as if Jesus called Peter and he called the rest), all bishops, not just the pope, are considered to be chosen by God. This makes it nearly impossible to “fire” them.

    So your problems seem to really be with the way that (1) US law requires proof of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, and (2) the bishops don’t just serve at the pope’s pleasure. In this case, those two things were certainly frustrations, but in general, I think we should be pleased that these procedures exist.

  6. anthony rocchino says:


  7. Bridget P. says:

    Great article on the significance of John Paul II’s legacy:


  8. Damon F. says:

    There is documented proof that both John Paul II and the current pope actively covered up criminal pedophilia rings within the Catholic church going all the way up to the Vatican. Every Catholic bishop on Earth received JP’s directive on covering up pedophilia, still they put the blame on the lowly priests. What a saint!

  9. Bridget P. says:

    Your claim is unjustly exaggerated. What proof do you have for such vitriol?

    If you choose to respond, please do so with links to information provided by major sources respected for objectivity.

  10. Ronny Groda says:

    John Paul II served the church with gentelness
    and kindness. He was a very good pope! He
    tryed to protect the unborn, old and all life with
    great effort. He is the one that coined
    the culture of death…. My friend adam is mistaken
    one only has to look at his writing to know what made him tick. Holy is what comes to my mind.
    My last words ( John Paul pray for us) love your
    servant Ronny a disciple of CHRIST for life

  11. Joy says:

    This is a wonderful blessing! I wrote his Holiness many letters and everyone was answered,he had time for everyone.I welcome his Sainthood!!

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