Shopping mall evangelization?

From Glen Argan at the Western Catholic Reporter comes a link to a video of shoppers at a mall near Niagara Falls, Ontario, being surprised with a rendition of Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus.” These singers were not in choir robes — watch and see!  As our colleague said, “One might call it guerrilla evangelization, although I don’t know if that was quite the intent.”

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4 Responses to Shopping mall evangelization?

  1. Finally, a good Christian flash mob. I suppose there might be others. I was not able to find a good Catholic flash mob when I searched and have been encouraging people in my parish to do one. This is perhaps not as good as some of the classic flash mobs, like Liverpool Station in London, Antwerp, and Ohio State, but it was better than most. Furthermore they provided their own music and sounded glorious.

  2. I just checked You Tube, this has gotten four and a quarter million hits in a week. This is a huge success. The most successful dance flash mobs have about 20 million hits, but they no doubt gained those over a longer period of time.

  3. Joel Peddle says:

    Outstanding. The culture of joyless materialism meets ancient joy. If the 52 million lasped Catholics could see this. Of 68 million, only 16 million Catholics go to church. What makes the Catholic Church unique is music like Handel. The “folk mass” features music circa 1970 and lacks the gravitas and splendor of our ancient traditions. We are a church of tradition, not trends and this strirring mall concert demonstrates that “old” shines new today.

    Teacher of Augustine, Aquinas, and C.S. Lewis at a college in Atlanta, Georgia.

  4. Pete Ascosi says:

    awesome! God is great!

    I’m going “carol evangelizing” in 2 weeks in the inner city of Baltimore…

    A great excuse to sing praise to God in public 🙂

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