A new survey that isn’t about today’s elections

How about a survey on Americans’ perspectives that has nothing to do with today’s midterm elections?

(CNS/Nancy Wiechec)

This one is about people’s views on “love, forgiveness and a connection to the global community.” A majority of Americans “express a near-universal desire for a more loving and unified world,” according to the results of a survey commissioned by the Fetzer Institute and conducted online. There were 1,000 respondents, ages 18 and older. The institute describes its mission as engaging “with people and projects around the world to help bring the power of love, forgiveness and compassion to the center of individual and community life.”

Sixty-eight percent of  respondents said they “recognize a need for more meaningful love and forgiveness”  in their own lives; 89 percent say this is greatly needed in their communities; 95 percent in the nation; and 95 percent in the world. The survey also indicated the U.S. is becoming a more spiritual country: 67 percent of the respondents described themselves as spiritual; 60 percent said they are more spiritual today than they were five years ago.

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