What’s your take on the Orthodox-Catholic consultation vision statement?

A vision for what the unity of the Orthodox and Catholic churches might look like was offered by the North American Orthodox-Catholic Theological Consultation earlier this month. CNS published a story Oct. 8 that looked at what the consultation had to offer for consideration.

In one of the documents developed during a meeting that ended Oct. 2, members of the consultation laid out their thoughts on issues such as the primacy of the pope and suggestions upon which to build a “worldwide ecclesial communion.” Topics addressed included acceptance of each church’s diversity and continuing traditions and practices and the selection or election of bishops.

A second document looked at using advanced scientific instruments to calculate the date of Easter so the entire Christian world can celebrate the resurrection of Christ on the same day. Only rarely does the celebration of Easter in the Latin and Orthodox churches correspond. One such time is in 2011 when both churches celebrate Easter April 24.

What do you think of the vision of the consultation? What will unity between the Catholic and Orthodox churches mean? How soon can unity occur? Are there too many differences to overcome?