Key section of queen’s speech to pope

EDINBURG, Scotland — Here is a key section of Queen Elizabeth II’s speech to Pope Benedict XVI this morning at Holyroodhouse Palace:

Your Holiness, your presence here today reminds us of our common Christian heritage, and of the Christian contribution to the encouragement of world peace, and to the economic and social development of the less prosperous countries of the world. We are all aware of the special contribution of the Roman Catholic Church particularly in its ministry to the poorest and most deprived members of society, its care for the homeless and for the education provided by its extensive network of schools.

Religion has always been a crucial element in national identity and historical self-consciousness. This has made the relationship between the different faiths a fundamental factor in the necessary cooperation within and between nation states. It is, therefore, vital to encourage a greater mutual, and respectful understanding. We know from experience that through committed dialogue, old suspicions can be transcended and a greater mutual trust established.

I know that reconciliation was a central theme in the life of Cardinal John Henry Newman, for whom you will be holding a Mass of Beatification on Sunday. A man who struggled with doubt and uncertainty, his contribution to the understanding of Christianity continues to influence many.

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2 Responses to Key section of queen’s speech to pope

  1. Jim Finfera says:

    So very well said to include her gracious remarks concerning John Henry Newman. I love his spirituality!

  2. Francis Okposio says:

    I never knew John Henry Newman was even a Catholic not to talk of being a Cardinal; I had thought he was only a renown author. I pray he eventually be canonised a saint for the Roman Catholic Church and I also want to know more about his biography.

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