Archbishop signs on to keep abuser in prison

Those who read our touching story about abuse survivor Elizabeth Ann Murphy, courtesy of  The Catholic Review in Baltimore,  might be interested in a petition she is promoting to keep her abuser, former Catholic school teacher John A. Merzerbacher, in jail. Archbishop Edwin F. O’Brien of Baltimore is among those who have signed on (see page 26 — signature 1268).

3 Responses

  1. I am a Catholic and I still love it. I have experienced minor abuse when I was a child from other children and I forgive them and I still love the church Christ instituted.

    I am asking everyone in the Church to stand up and say: NO MORE even if its on these commentaries.

    Peace and love to all of our brothers and sisters in the Catholic faith.

  2. At last! A hierarch who isn’t controlled by something soft somewhere in his heart. O’Brien is one of Benedict’s appointees, and that might explain things.

  3. I cannot express in words what it has meant to our family for Archbishop O’Brien to sign this Petition. He followed up his words with action. He has extended his hands and opened his doors for those in need. He made a promise that these kinds of act will never take place on his watch. God bless you Archbishop O’Brien for being the Shepherd you were called to be.

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