Rome again tops monthly list of most-viewed CNS stories

Once again, stories from our Rome bureau and actions by the Vatican figured prominently in our monthly list of most-viewed stories for July on our public website,  I say our “public” site because, as many of you know, we also have a password-protected site for our clients, where they can download and publish any number of stories in addition to the stories listed below.

Here’s the list for July, in case you missed seeing any of these stories:

1. Long, hot summer: Vatican faces external and internal challenges (July 2)

Our story on Catholic talk-show host Lino Rulli's unusual pilgrimage to Rome was one of the most viewed for July. (CNS/Paul Haring)

2. Catholic radio host leads listeners on unusual pilgrimage to Italy (July 21)

3. Vatican says new norms will strengthen efforts against abusive priests (July 15)

4. Revised Vatican norms to cover sex abuse, attempted women’s ordination (July 9)

5. Archbishop: Norms on women’s ordination reflect sacraments’ importance (July 15)

6. Rome Diocese calls for active gay priests to go, stop sullying church (July 23)

7. Anglicans expect exodus after Church of England OKs women bishops (July 13)

8. USCCB issues guidelines for use of social media (July 20)

9. Case of dismissed Catholic professor is under review (July 14)

10. Bishops, other faith leaders commend ruling on Arizona immigration law (July 29)

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2 Responses to Rome again tops monthly list of most-viewed CNS stories

  1. nambaziira says:

    Thank you so much for the effort to keep us informed of the current Catholic news.I always read these stories and after i go into prayer for a while to pray accordingly to our dear Catholic church. We all need God’s blessings. Be blessed

  2. Michael says:

    In a way it is unfortunate that stories about Lino Rulli going on a pilgrimage got more views than stories about the sex abuse scandal etc.

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