Summer reading list with a Catholic twist

Looking for a Catholic book to read during this summer? A Catholic online bookstore — Aquinas and More Catholic Goods — based in Colorado Springs, Colo., has just launched its fourth annual summer book club.

Ian Rutherford, the bookstore’s president, said the idea came from summer reading lists of secular bookstores and libraries and also because summer is typically a slow time for Catholic store sales.

The first year of the book club, the store provided a list of 10 books and urged people to vote for their top three. Back then, a few hundred participants voted; this year more than 1,000 people submitted ideas for the summer reading selection and the 12 finalists are posted on the website. The site is once again having readers vote for their top three.

The store is providing online study guides for the books and encouraging people to start parish discussion groups.

For the first time, the list — of fiction and nonfiction titles –also includes selections for teens and children.

“Many Catholics are not aware that there are extraordinary works of fiction on Catholic themes which are edifying, informative, engaging and inspiring. At the same time, fiction is not everyone’s cup of tea so the summer reading program offers a solid selection of books in the subject areas of education, history, comparative religion, military interest, family issues, popular culture and more,” said Rutherford.

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