Pope meets Muslim spiritual leader in Cyprus

NICOSIA, Cyprus — Pope Benedict XVI held an unscheduled meeting with the grand sheik of a Muslim spiritual movement from northern Cyprus June 5.

Sheik Mehmet Nazim Adil, 88, head of a Sufi confraternity — an organization dedicated to the practice and study of Islamic mysticism — met with the pope outside the Vatican nunciature in Nicosia.

During his visit to Cyprus June 4-6, Pope Benedict stayed at the nunciature, which is located on the edge of the line separating the South from the North. Most of Cyprus’ Muslims live in the North, which is controlled by Turkish Cypriots, supported by troops from Turkey.

Pope Benedict did not visit the northern part of the island during his trip; the chief mufti of Cyprus — the religious leader of the Muslim community — invited the pope to cross the U.N.-patrolled buffer zone, but refused to go south to meet the pope.

While the mufti has an institutional and social role among Cypriot Muslims, Sheik Nazim’s authority extends only to his disciples.

Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi, Vatican spokesman, said Sheik Nazim was seated on a chair on the street leading from the nunciature to the church where the pope was about to celebrate Mass.

As the pope passed in procession on the way to the church, he stopped to greet the sheik, Father Lombardi said.

The sheik told the pope, “I’m sorry. I’m very old, so I sat to wait,” the spokesman said.

The pope responded, “I’m old, too,” he said.

Sheik Nazim brought the pope a walking stick and a set of Muslim prayer beads, Father Lombardi said. The pope gave the sheik commemorative medals of his pontificate.

The sheik asked the pope if he could embrace him, the pope said, “yes,” and the whole thing was over in just 3 or 4 minutes, the spokesman said. “It was brief and very beautiful.”

Performing for the pope in Cyprus

NICOSIA, Cyprus — Dozens and dozens of children — and a few adults — performed for Pope Benedict XVI this morning at St. Maron Catholic School in Nicosia.

There was some quarreling and some crying backstage before the performance, after all the little ones had been waiting in the hot sun for more than an hour.

But the performance went off without a hitch. The pope seemed to enjoy it. The kids were bursting with pride. And parents distributed lots of hugs.

Maronite Archbishop Youssef Soueif of Cyprus said the theme of the performance was the four seasons and that the various songs and dances were drawn from Cypriot heritage, Latin culture and traditional life in the Maronite villages.