Remembering Art Linkletter

Take a look at this entertaining retrospective of some highlights from the late Art Linkletter’s “Kids Say the Darndest Things.”

1947 caricature by artist Sam Berman/Courtesy of NBC

I don’t think there’s anyone who won’t get a chuckle at some of the video from the show hosted by one of broadcasting’s icons. Many of us remember that show, though the late Linkletter had many shows over a very long career.  It’s interesting to note that one retrospective was put together as a tribute by Bill Cosby when he revived Linkletter’s format in the 1990s. Cosby, a comedic force in his own right, had Linkletter on the show more than once.

When news came that Linkletter had died May 26 at the age of 97, memories poured forth from all quarters about the impact he had not only on the broadcasting industry but U.S. society in general.

The Christophers organization was among those who mourned his passing: In 2004 he received the Christopher Life Achievement Award “for his remarkable contributions to the craft, business and spirit of the broadcasting industry, as well as for his work with children on stage and off, as a mentor and educator in the war against drug abuse.”

Only eight individuals have won this achievement award in the organization’s 61-year history.

The Christophers’ statement said Linkletter’s “genial determination to communicate one-on-one with the American public via radio, TV and print impacted generations of Americans. His trailblazing career behind a microphone and in front of the camera, his support of ‘lifelong learning’ and resilience amidst personal tragedy truly reflected the goals and mission of the Christophers.”

Pope greets and blesses Catholic Media Convention

VATICAN CITY — While journalists and communications experts gathered in New Orleans for the Catholic Media Convention were probably still slumbering peacefully (or fitfully depending on their jet lag), Pope Benedict was sending them his greetings and blessings from Rome.

During his Wednesday general audience in St. Peter’s Square, the pope delivered this message to those attending the event:

I send cordial greetings to the delegates gathered in New Orleans for this year’s Catholic Media Convention.

The theme of your meeting, “Spreading the Good News – Byte by Byte,” highlights the extraordinary potential of the new media to bring the message of Christ and the teaching of his church to the attention of a wider public. If your mission is to be truly effective — if the words you proclaim are to touch hearts, engage people’s freedom and change their lives — you must draw them into an encounter with persons and communities who witness to the grace of Christ by their faith and their lives. In this sense, it is my hope that your days together will renew and refresh your shared enthusiasm for the Gospel. Notwithstanding the many challenges you face, never forget the promise of Christ, “I am with you always, to the close of the age,” (Mt 28:20).

Dear friends, with these few words of encouragement, to all of you gathered for the convention, I am pleased to impart my Apostolic Blessing.