Flood stories of survival, resilience

Debris from flooded homes is seen along the curb in a Nashville, Tenn., neighborhood May 10. (CNS photo/Rick Musacchio)

As the floodwaters recede in Nashville, Tenn., the cleanup efforts show no sign of abating nor does the resiliency of  local residents.

This week’s issue of the Tennessee Register, Nashville’s diocesan newspaper, gives a behind-the-scenes look at what some people faced in the torrential rains of early May and how they are now coping with loss. The stories — of  people wading through water, helping nuns by rope reach dry land, delivering a baby by flashlight or grabbing photos before rushing from their homes — paint a vivid  picture of those surprised by rapidly rising waters.

The response of many, to pitch in and help or to try to save others, is to say the least,  impressive.

Those who were spared from water damage counted their blessings, and if not, their mothers reminded them to do so.

As one woman told her son whose house was not flooded: “You  better never, never stop going to church” to give thanks.

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