Cross your fingers — and vote — for San Miguel School

The polls are almost closed, and eighth-graders at San Miguel School in Tulsa, Okla., will find out tomorrow whether they have won an all-expenses-paid trip to Orlando, Fla., in a contest sponsored by NBC’s “Today” show. The 19 students at the LaSallian private Catholic middle school are hoping a last-minute shoutout through Catholic Internet sites will put them over the top in the program’s “Extraordinary Schools” contest, which would send them to Universal Orlando Resort for the opening of a new Harry Potter-themed section. Their teacher, Anna Sullivan, explained why she entered her class in the contest:

“San Miguel School and the families that attend the school, operate on very low budgets leaving very little or no money for just plain fun. The majority of the eighth-graders have never been on an airplane or stayed in a hotel and certainly have not attended a giant theme park. Although they’re only 14, they have to complete many adult tasks for their families: cooking, cleaning, baby-sitting, translating in court or at doctor’s appointments, etc. They rarely get a chance to just be kids. Because of this, when I heard of the ‘Today’ show competition, I knew I had to at least try.”

You can go here to see videos from the four finalists and to vote.

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