Abuse issue, health care dominate most-viewed CNS stories for March

No surprise here: Stories on the sex abuse crisis in Europe and the health care debate and vote in Washington dominated our monthly list of most-viewed items for March on www.catholicnews.com:

1. Pope’s brother apologizes to abuse victims at his former school (March 10)

2. Abuse cases show need for greater women’s role, Vatican newspaper says (March 10)

3. Vatican defends action in case of Wisconsin priest abuser (March 26)

4. There’s an ‘app’ for that: iPhone applications devised for Catholics (March 10)

5. Legionaries acknowledge founder abused seminarians, ask forgiveness (March 26)

6. Second group of nuns backs bishops’ position on health care reform (March 18)

7. Nuns say vote for Senate health bill would be ‘life-affirming’ (March 17)

8. Cardinal praises expanded health care but fears remain on abortion (March 23)

9. House passes health reform; effort to insert abortion language fails (March 22)

10. Vatican intensifies defense of pope on sex abuse decisions (March 29)

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One Response to Abuse issue, health care dominate most-viewed CNS stories for March

  1. J. Bob says:

    I looked up a HHS report from 2006. That year 66+ thousand cases of child sexual abuse cases were reported. If even a hundred were by priests, who did the 66,000? No mass media coverage there.
    Noted in a blog that maybe one reason the Catholic Church is targeted, and other denominations are given a pass, is that truly represents the teaching of Christ. If it is weakened, then the other churches will be easy pickings. The quote “And the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it” seems quite apt, even to a Church with all it’s failings .

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