Finding strength, hope in Al-Anon Family Groups

I heard from a reader in New Jersey who was disappointed that CNS had never responded to an e-mail she said she sent some months ago asking us to help her share, as a public service, the word about a fellowship for family members of alcoholics called Al-Anon Family Groups.

I didn’t recall ever seeing the e-mail, but asked her to send another one to explain what it is about. It’s a “fellowship of relatives and friends of alcoholics who share experiences, strength and hope in order to solve common problems,” she wrote. “Alcoholism is a family illness and changed attitudes can aid recovery. … Recovery cannot occur in isolation.”

Before she learned about Al-Anon Family Groups, she said, she was “desperate, frustrated and resented the alcoholics in my family.” Now “my family is in recovery and I am grateful to God for having given me the gift to have alcoholics in my life.”

She wanted to spread the word about a National Spanish Al-Anon/Alateen Convention in Orlando April 9-11, with sessions in English and participation by AA. The headquarters of Al-Anon is in Virginia Beach, Va. Its Web site has information on support groups, including Al-Anon Family Groups, in the U.S., including Puerto Rico, and Canada. There are groups in many other countries too.

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