Vatican on Twitter

VATICAN CITY — The Vatican this weekend opened six Twitter accounts, including one in English.

It’s exciting news for those who have pushed for better use of new media at the Vatican. Interestingly, the Twitter presence was launched the day Pope Benedict published his letter to Irish Catholics on priestly sex abuse. As a result the first nine Vatican tweets were on the sex abuse issue, mainly citing past papal statements.

In the future, we’re promised, Twitter will be used by Vatican Radio and other Vatican media outlets when there’s particularly important news.

Getting the Twitter accounts off the ground took a while, and came only after other users grabbed the Vatican moniker, apparently without anyone’s authorization. We blogged about this pseudo-Vatican Twitter feed in January, and a week later it fell silent.

The Web addresses for the real Vatican Twitter feeds: for English, for Spanish, for Italian, for German, for French and for Portuguese.

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3 Responses to Vatican on Twitter

  1. Walt Mateja, Ph.D. says:

    Thank You, Jesus! God indeed works in mysterious and wonderful ways.

  2. Fathe Fred Ogambi says:

    I think that this is a wonderful entry into the digital world for the otherwise perceived conservative Vatican. congratulations .

  3. murmur55 says:

    You are an international criminal pedophilia organization.

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