Health care debate reaches full steam in the Catholic press

Thanks to the immediacy of our Twitter feed, this morning we saw an incredible storm of discussion just within the Catholic press among our clients in the Catholic press on the health care measure being considered by Congress. In just a couple hours there was:

— A tweet of a blog post from Our Sunday Visitor headlined “Speaking out against the dissenters.” It called yesterday’s announcement by women religious supporting the health care bill discouraging but added that “fortunately the Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious have countered that with a statement of their own, affirming their support for the U.S. bishops’ position.”

— An editorial in the National Catholic Reporter endorsing the health care bill. On the newspaper’s Twitter feed the editorial was summarized this way: “Congress, and its Catholics, should say yes to health care reform.”

Another blog post, this time by The Catholic Key in Kansas City, Mo., quoting Bishop Robert W. Finn’s criticism of the Catholic Health Association for endorsing the health care bill. Headlined “Bishop Finn Says CHA Diminishes Catholic Solidarity,” the post excerpts a speech Bishop Finn gave yesterday calling on the CHA to “loudly and publicly” reverse their “permissive stance” on the Senate bill.

One more blog post, this one from the National Catholic Register, titled “Catechism vs. Health Care Reform.” It notes that the Catechism of the Catholic Church calls health care a right but argues that “the health care bill before Congress right now falls afoul of that catechism directive in two fundamental ways.”

Also this morning, the USCCB issued a news release, “U.S. Bishops Provide Resources Explaining Flaws In Senate Health Care Bill.” The release summarizes and links to several USCCB documents outlining the bishops’ objections to the measure, such as the concerns the bishops have about the funding of abortion at community health centers.

Surely this debate will keep on rolling until the final vote, and beyond.

UPDATE: Shortly after this item was posted, John Norton at Our Sunday Visitor questioned whether 59,000 nuns were actually represented in yesterday’s statement of women religious, and then Mercy Sister Mary Ann Walsh at the USCCB issued a news release saying the figure was “far off the mark.”

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7 Responses to Health care debate reaches full steam in the Catholic press

  1. Eugene Pagano says:

    What about the posts on America’s “In All Things” and Commonweal’s “dotCommonweal?” Except for the National Catholic Reporter, all your citations are against the Senate bill.

  2. Jim Lackey says:

    Sorry for the confusion. I should have made clearer that these were simply items coming in on our Twitter feed this morning. It wasn’t meant to be a comprehensive look at the entire Catholic press, just “tweets” by our client publications. Commonweal is not a CNS subscriber, and America hasn’t updated its Twitter feed in some time. My apologies for not being more careful.

  3. Mitch Finley says:

    . . .seems like no matter what Congress comes up with concerning health care reform about half the country is going to be furious about it while the other half is going to be happy about it. . .but you can bet your bottom dollar that the folks who opposed it will be right there in line with those who approved it to get whatever health care benefits they can. . .

  4. Eugene Pagano says:

    Mr. Lackey,

    Thank you for your clarification. I accept your explanation and credit your good faith.

    Unfortunately, I no longer accept the good faith of the USCCB. The Conference’s close-minded Stupak-only stand ignores the evidence and arguments that the Senate bill is at least equally strict in barring federal funding of abortions. The position seems to be either willful blindness or a political alliance with anti-reform groups with positions inconsistent with much of the tradition of Catholic social teaching on anything other than abortion.

  5. Holly Hansen says:

    The only voices our bishops listen to are those wholly owned subsidiaries of the Republican Party in the Pro Life movement. Other Pro Lifers should be heard.

  6. Dwight Lindley says:

    Mr. Pagano (& by association, Ms. Hansen),

    Your second comment (“I no longer accept the good faith of the USCCB”) seems to belie your claim to be taking Lackey’s post seriously. If you were to look into the USCCB link he provides, for instance, you’d find out that, far from “ignoring the evidence and arguments” that the Senate bill is equally strict on abortion, they have painstakingly answered every clause of that argument. See, for instance, the response to Timothy Jost’s essay, which is the foremost example of the argument you tout. The USCCB’s response is painstaking and thoughtful, replete with all the wonkish details and references to the bills in question.

    So please don’t cast aspersions before reading the post you’re purportedly commenting upon.

  7. Joe Stephans says:

    Boy Mitch Finley you are a mental giant. Under Obama Care you’ll be in line thanks to the government run system. Not because we want to be there.

    I want to thank all our bishops for giving us Nationalized health care and insuring the unborn are killed with Federal funds. The bishops failed us again.
    First they fail to protect our children from homosexual molestation of our children. Then they support Obama Care thinking the unborn will be protected by Obama in the process. Their final act will be to support Obama’s illegal immigrants. The bishops are marching right in line with Obama and his communist agenda.

    God save us from our bishops. We can’t stand any more of their poor leadership.

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