Video on a day in the life of a priest

Fresh off last week’s post of a video story on a typical parish fish fry, The Catholic Spirit has posted this fun little homemade video on a day in the life of a priest, through the eyes of Father Nels Gjengdahl, a priest of the Archdiocese of Minneapolis and St. Paul.


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  1. Amazing! Thanks so much to Father for sharing his day with us. Does anyone know him personally? I’d love to get in touch with him and ask a few questions about his video. Nice work!

  2. Thank you for posting “Day in the life of a priest” video . . . real true to life . . . a slice of the spiritual life . . . great sense of humor . . . honest portrayal of priestly vocation . . . I hope Father continues producing videos . . . He is truly gifted . . . God bless Father Nels Gjengdahl

  3. It is a risk to share your life with others; you might be criticized. I appreciate this priest’s service. He prays with a community and is present to those in need [hospital visit]. It’s good that he celebrates with others [friend’s birthday dinner]. However, I had hoped for a more countercultural presentation of priestly life, rooted in Gospel life. Not only was he playing on a PS3, but he was playing “Modern Warfare 2”! This is not the image of a priest that I want promoted in the church: he is gunning down “enemies” with an assault weapon. War is not entertainment. It is something to mourn, and to forcefully reject. [See the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church, 496-7] That being said, I’m grateful that Fr. Gjengdahl opened himself up in this way.

  4. Silence is golden!

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