Giving up Facebook for Lent

Is giving up desserts for Lent so last year? Apparently.  A new trend in modern sacrificing is to give up on time-consuming things such as frequently reading or adding postings to Facebook.

The Arlington Catholic Herald, diocesan newspaper of Arlington, Va., did a story on this, quoting Catholics who might even continue this Facebook fast after Easter. One priest told the paper, “We’ve become so connected that we’re disconnected. …  We’re oversaturated with information. I know for myself I’m not going to go back to being that connected.”

Bishop Jaime Soto of Sacramento, Calif., also plugged the idea of easing up on Facebook during Lent in a column in the diocesan newspaper, The Catholic Herald.

As he puts it: “The holy days of Lent are a good time for all of us to re-examine how we use technology to make better connections with our families, our friends, our God, and ourselves. That may mean less time on Facebook and more face time with our family and friends. It could also mean exploring how these technologies can help us learn about our Catholic faith, study Scripture, engage in fellowship, and even pray.”