Pope to canonize Mary MacKillop, Andre Bessette Oct. 17

(CNS/Nancy Wiechec)

UPDATE: Click here for full story.

VATICAN CITY — Pope Benedict XVI announced this morning that he would canonize Blessed Mary MacKillop of Australia and Blessed Andre Bessette of Canada, along with four others, at the Vatican Oct. 17.

The announcement came at the end of a “public ordinary consistory,” a very formal ceremony attended by cardinals present in Rome.

(CNS/St. Joseph's Oratory)

Archbishop Angelo Amato, prefect of the Congregation for Saints’ Causes, read brief biographies of the soon-to-be saints in Latin. And, still in Latin, he asked the pope to formally inscribe the six in the “album of saints.”

The pope responded in Latin, asking for the consensus of the cardinals present. Then he proclaimed — still in Latin — that the canonization ceremony would be Oct. 17.

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20 Responses to Pope to canonize Mary MacKillop, Andre Bessette Oct. 17

  1. Dina says:

    Long live Latin!

    So glad to hear there is a date for Mary MacKillop’s canonization. I spent time at her museum in Sydney and was very moved by her difficult life of service.

  2. Instead of repeting 4 times that the announcement etc were made in Latin, you could have given us the names of the other 4 to be canonized. Perhaps there was a Latin American.Or better, give us, catholics, all of them because they were catholics and that is more important that the language we speak..

  3. Jim Lackey says:


    They’re listed in the full story that’s linked at the top of this blog item. http://www.catholicnews.com/data/stories/cns/1000723.htm Sorry if you missed it.

    Jim Lackey

  4. Ron Jones says:

    I grew up in the 50’s with the latin liturgy. I was excited to see that Mary MacKillop and Andre Bessette (along with 4 othersm – what prevented you from naming them as well?) were to be proclaimed saints. Their lives are an inspiration not only to Catholics but all believers. I was saddened to see that the fact the announcements were made in latin was so much more important to you.
    I’m sure we all got your point.

  5. henry kajubi senteza says:

    I am so glad for the cannization of Bro.Andre Bassette.
    He is named after our house of formation(Seminary) here in Jinja, Uganda. May God bless us as we pray through him. Andre pray for us.

  6. sr. nambaziira max says:

    May the Almighty God be praised in his Angles and his Saints. Mary MacKillop and your freinds pray for us sinners. Thank you Pope Benedict XVI for Canonization of more Saints. I love you because I pray for you, we trust in your Blessing

  7. Dolores Orlando says:

    I have a friend in Baltimore, Maryland, who is a relative of Blessed Mary MacKillop. Who is the person in charge of her cause for canonization and how can he be contacted? My friend and his family are planning to go to Rome. My thought is that they could be invited to a reception or sit in the audience with those of Blessed Mary’s order. I’ve taken to calling her “Aunt Mary”!
    Thank you.

  8. Joanne Shea says:

    I am suprised by the comments of the announcement of Mary MacKillop and Brother Andre Bassette being canonize was announced in Latin as if that makes a difference . Does I matter ? I have been to St Joeseph Oritory in Montreal, Canada many times. I live in Vermont,USA where we speak english. But Mass is said mostly in french there. What is important is that the work of these 6 people,Who are from all parts of the world are being reconized for the work God has used them for and still use them for. It humbles me to see the work God did though Brother Andre. I only hope to have the faith in our Lord that he had and that all of the Saints have. We should all strive to live in holiness as They all have.That is what leads us to God. Love and Prayers to all , Joanne Shea, South Burlington, VT

  9. Saviour Seychell says:

    Myself and my wife are attending the cannoization in Rome, travelling with Harvest Tours.
    We would like to know, if the Mary Mackillop musical which is going to be done in Sydney – Seymour Centre, from the 1st of October is the same celebration which is going to be done in Rome on the 16th of october, by the Sisters of St. Joseph
    The reason for asking is because we do not want to attend the same thing twice. Looking forward for your earliest reply.
    Carmen & Saviour Seychell

  10. Angele Field says:

    My husband and I plan to be in Rome for the canonization of Bro Andre on Oct 17, 2010. Where and how do I obtain tickets for this event. We are not with a group. Gratitude, Angele Field from Alberta

  11. Dolores Orlando says:

    I’m not going with a tour group either. Look for Heritage Travel in Australia. I reserved 6 tickets for our little party leaving from Maryland. They said they would get back to us the 1st. of September.

  12. Dolores Orlando says:

    Sorry, Angela, I think it is Harvest Tours in Australia.

  13. Cindy Wooden says:

    You also can get the free tickets directly from the Vatican. The office in charge of tickets for papal events is the Prefecture of the Papal Household. They have detailed instructions for requesting tickets here:

  14. RAMON BESSETTE says:


  15. RAMON BESSETTE says:


  16. Elizabeth Phalen says:

    I am going to the canonization with the Holy Cross Fathers pilgrimage Oct 13th from Boston. About 140 persons are on this trip,some relatives of Brother Andre too. The last day to sign up was in August. Check on http://www.hcfm.org and you may find more details. Holy Cross Fathers Eastern Province is arranging the trip Good luck.

  17. Bro. Maria Suresh, csc says:

    Dear God, I thank you for giving us Bro. Andre to the Congregation of Holy Cross. His simply and humble life still touch many of us to lead a radical life. Bro. Andre CSC, I have a request for you to intercede for us your brothers to lead a dedicated life. Live our live with no expectation and with hope and courage. I thank the all those loving people who worked for the canonization of Bro. Andre csc especially the former administration of the congregation of Holy Cross.

  18. Sabiniana Banares says:

    Blessed Mary MacKinllop,

    Please intercede for my daughter in law regarding
    her pregnancy. She lost one of the twins and there
    is another one in her tummy. Please keep the baby healthy and also my daughter.

    Please intercede for them to accept all this things that happened to her.

    I know you will not abandon us. And I am pretty sure
    your help to us will be granted.

    In Jesus Name,

  19. John McHugh says:

    Blessed Brother Andre,
    Please help my sister Susan Mitchell in England who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer, make a full recovery.
    Yours in Christ
    John and Mary McHugh

  20. lisa says:

    great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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