I call it ‘snowmaggedon,’ you call it ‘snowpocalypse’

Someone is a fan of snow. (Photo/Julie Asher)

Whatever you want to call it, we here in Washington want to call the whole thing off. I guess the prognosticators got it right when they predicted the snowstorm that hit the Washington region last Friday would come back again, delivering an unprecedented blow and leaving the nation’s capital and the rest of the mid-Atlantic states paralyzed. Today,  the sun is shining and streets are melting, but the hills of snow will be with us for quite some time. And despite the thaw, it is not clear when public transportation systems will be fully functional.

 And now comes word that Vancouver,  the site of the Winter Olympics, is in desperate need of snow and the Games’ organizers are worried. News reports say snow is being trucked in from elsewhere in British Columbia. Have they considered importing it from D.C.? Hmmmm….