Slideshow of Haiti devastation

Sam Lucero, editor of The Compass in Green Bay, Wis., who is one of the Catholic press’s most accomplished visual journalists, recently pulled together two slideshows showing the devastation in Haiti after the Jan. 12 earthquake. He’s now put them on the newspaper’s YouTube channel.

The presentation embedded above is particularly striking, combining photos from the scene that we’ve distributed to our client publications with the interview we conducted within 24 hours of the quake with Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan of New York, chairman of Catholic Relief Services.

Here is a link to the other slideshow by The Compass on YouTube. Or, you can watch the original slideshows, which include captions, here and here.

No matter how you watch them, they are stark reminders of the terrible devastation in Haiti and the major role Catholic Relief Services is playing there.

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3 Responses to Slideshow of Haiti devastation

  1. Craig says:

    The Archbishop Dolan audio adds a great dimension to the images.

    Do you offer audio downloads somewhere in the client section of your site?


  2. Jim Lackey says:

    No, not now. Look for it when we get our new site. I’m sure Sam just took audio from our YouTube video.

  3. Sam Lucero says:

    Jim & Craig:
    Yes, I used a digital recorder to copy the audio from the YouTube videos. I actually captured audio from two of the videos and edited them to a 3-minute cut.

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