Pope following Haiti tragedy

A man carries an injured person along a destroyed area in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. (CNS photo/Jorge Silva, Reuters)

VATICAN CITY — Pope Benedict spoke about the disastrous earthquake in Haiti at his noon blessing today, expressing sadness at the death of Archbishop Joseph Miot of Port-au-Prince as well as the many others who lost their lives. As the Catholic Church takes a leading role in the recovery, the pope said he was following those efforts closely.

Here is a translation of his Italian-language remarks delivered after his Angelus prayer:

In these days out thoughts are turned toward the dear population of Haiti, as well as our heartfelt prayers. The apostolic nuncio, who thanks be to God is all right, is keeping me continually informed, and so I have learned of the sad death of the archbishop, as well as so many priests, religious and seminarians. I am following and encouraging the efforts of numerous charity organizations that are dealing with the immense needs of the country. I am praying for the injured, for the homeless and for those who tragically have lost their lives.

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7 Responses to Pope following Haiti tragedy

  1. helen mann says:

    where is the Vatican to help these poor Catholic nation, is it only a one way street, donate to the church/Vatican , It’s time the Vatican pays back to these poor people, the whole world is watching, set an example and HELP the people of Haiti!

  2. Joanne Bouillon says:

    Well said. As a Haitian-American I can attest to the strong faith in both God and the Catholic Church. Just look at the numbers of haitian children enrolled in parish schools. At sunday service rain or shine. Good times and bad. The children of the church are suffering and are looking to the church for guidance.

  3. B.C. says:

    Everybody’s expressing grief and sorrow. What does he have to say about the ones who think this is deserved (pat robertson) or is politically motivated (rush limbaugh)? And what is he asking the Vatican do to help?!?!!!??
    They need HELP not WORDS.!!!
    WHAT IS HE DOING TO HELP !!!!!!!!!

  4. Laura Rose says:

    The article said the church is taking a lead role in helping the people of Haiti. The church is helping and their efforts are noticeable. Virgin Mary, pray for us!

  5. luis amato says:

    Why the Virgin Mary didn’t pray for you before the earthquake? Why God didn’t prevent this? Stop waisting your time praying and do something.

  6. zola salako says:

    The Church is actually doing a lot to help in Haiti. The Vatican has asked Catholic Relief Services (CRS) to lead the aid effort on behalf of the Church since CRS already had 300 people working in Haiti. Millions have been committed to this effort already and millions more will probably be raised. Collections have been taken up in most Catholic churches all over the U.S. to help the people in Haiti. The United Nations has asked CRS to lead the response efforts at one of its formally organized camps where over 50,000 people have been living. CRS has also mobilized 6 medical teams to assist the injured. The Church is doing a lot and will continue to do more, you just don’t hear about it in the press and the Church has never been inclined to hold press conferences to recognition for living out the gospel. If you want to learn more visit http://www.crs.org

  7. luis amato says:

    Good, is the minimum the church can do after preying for centuries in the good will of the mostly uneducated and desperate people. Still you didn’t answered to me where was
    God to prevent this. I though he was everywhere watching, or maybe this time he was taking a nap?

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