Archbishop Milingo dismissed from the priesthood

Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo at a 2006 press conference. (CNS photo/Paul Haring)

Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo at a 2006 press conference. (CNS photo/Paul Haring)

VATICAN CITY — Three years after excommunicating Zambian Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo, the Vatican has imposed the additional penalty of dismissal from the clerical state.

In a statement issued today, the Vatican said it was forced to take the step after Archbishop Milingo continued to commit “new crimes against the unity of the holy church,” specifically by ordaining bishops against papal orders.

The archbishop in 2001 married Korean acupuncturist Maria Sung in a mass ceremony arranged by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, founder of the Unification Church, which is now called the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. He later founded the U.S.-based Married Priests Now! movement, which advocates that the Catholic Church allow married priests in active ministry.

Here is the text of the Vatican’s statement announcing his dismissal from the priesthood:


For a number of years the Church has followed with great concern the difficulties caused by the regrettable conduct of Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo. Many attempts have been made to bring Archbishop Milingo back into communion with the Catholic Church, including the consideration of suitable ways to enable him to exercise the episcopal ministry. Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI were directly involved in those efforts and both Popes personally followed the case of Archbishop Milingo in a spirit of paternal solicitude.

In the course of this unhappy series of events, Archbishop Milingo became irregular in 2001 as a result of his attempt to marry Mrs. Maria Sung, and incurred the medicinal penalty of suspension (cf. Canons 1044 § 1, n. 3; 1394 § 1 of the Code of Canon Law). Thereafter, he headed certain groups calling for the abolition of clerical celibacy and gave numerous interviews to the media in open disobedience to the repeated interventions of the Holy See, creating serious upset and scandal among the faithful. Then, on 24 September 2006 in Washington, Archbishop Milingo ordained four Bishops without pontifical mandate.

By so doing, he incurred the penalty of excommunication latae sententiae (Canon 1382) which was declared by the Holy See on 26 September 2006 and is still in force today. Sadly, Archbishop Milingo has shown no sign of the desired repentance with a view to returning to full communion with the Supreme Pontiff and the other members of the College of Bishops. Rather, he has persisted in the unlawful exercise of acts belonging to the episcopal office, committing new crimes against the unity of Holy Church. Specifically, in recent months Archbishop Milingo has proceeded to several other episcopal ordinations.

The commission of these grave crimes, which has recently been established, is to be considered as proof of the persistent contumacy of Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo. The Holy See has therefore been obliged to impose upon him the further penalty of dismissal from the clerical state.

According to Canon 292 of the Code of Canon Law, the penalty of dismissal from the clerical state, now added to the grave penalty of excommunication, has the following effects: loss of the rights and duties attached to the clerical state, except for the obligation of celibacy; prohibition of the exercise of any ministry, except as provided for by Canon 976 of the Code of Canon Law in those cases involving danger of death; loss of all offices and functions and of all delegated power, as well as prohibition of the use of clerical attire. Consequently, the participation of the faithful in any future celebrations organized by Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo is to be considered unlawful.

It must be pointed out that the dismissal of a Bishop from the clerical state is most extraordinary. The Holy See has felt obliged to act in this way due to the serious consequences for ecclesial communion resulting from repeated episcopal consecrations carried out without pontifical mandate; nevertheless, the Church hopes that Archbishop Milingo will see the error of his ways.

 As for those recently ordained by Archbishop Milingo, the Church’s discipline in imposing the penalty of excommunication latae sententiae upon those who receive episcopal consecration without pontifical mandate is well-known. While expressing hope for their conversion, the Church reaffirms what was declared on 26 September 2006, namely that she does not recognize these ordinations, nor does she intend to recognize them, or any subsequent ordinations based on them, in the future. Hence the canonical status of the supposed bishops remains as it was prior to the ordination conferred by Archbishop Milingo.

 At this moment, as the Church experiences profound sorrow for the grave acts perpetrated by Archbishop Milingo, she entrusts to the power of prayer the repentance of the guilty party and of all those who – be they priests or lay faithful – have in any way cooperated with him by acting against the unity of Christ’s Church.

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31 Responses to Archbishop Milingo dismissed from the priesthood

  1. Nunly says:

    It’s about time the Vatican step up and de-frock guys like him. I’d also like to see the nun who has been advocating that abortion would be approved of by the Blessed Mother. She needs to be taken to task and should be kicked out of her religious order.

  2. Michael Jaffray King says:

    Thank the Lord that the Church that Jesus instituteg in Matthew Chapter 16 verse 18 has teeth and uses them..God bless Holy Mother Church and Our amazing and wonderful Pope B 16.

  3. Joe Uchechukwu says:

    It is a bold step that the church has taken, guided and inspired by the Holy Spirit. the unity of the church is Christ’s most fervent prayer for His church. It becomes sad and it posses a great danger when the learned in the Catholic theology, like Milingo, begins to deviate from the taechings that has been handed down to us by the church Fathers and begin to act IRRATIONALLY because of the problem they have with the Church. the church can never be defeated in as much as Christ remains the head of which it never changes.

    Thanks to the initiative of the church. it is a lesson to other who thinks they can fight the church. Bravo, Vatican!

  4. WW2 Marine Veteran says:

    The Vatican did what was very necessary. I see nothing harsh about this action.

  5. Tapestry says:

    We have to separate the weeds from the wheat.

    There are many that are just off the path in a temporary bid for a’ ‘new life’ and realize their mistake; but some leaders are just determined to move forward in their scandalous lives so afffecting the rest of the Catholic community the Vatican has to take action.

    May God have mercy on his soul.

  6. wayne says:

    Yes, its good we get rid of that Bishop. We dont want to spoil our perfect record. We do everything the bible tells us not to do. We call men Father, we call men Holy, we bow to graven images, we do vain repitions. The bible calls forbiding to marry a doctrine of demons, therefor we must forbid to marry. How dare that Bishop try to spoil our perfect record.

  7. Michael R. Carter says:

    Of more or equal concern is the large number of homosexual priests, which for years, the Church has tried to hide. Only with the law suits and resulting punitive awards did the Church take action. Way too late!! Now for the remaining repugnant Priests and Nuns that still violate all Christian principles. They should be immediately dismissed!!!

  8. Chris says:

    Well, well, well, throughout history when God used others outside of the Catholic church’s hirearchy, historically they have always either rejected or ridiculed these ‘called by God’ individuals whom He was using to bring about positive change and purification, however once again we see in the case of Archbishop Malingo, only a threat is seen to their own power base, so ‘chuck him out’ dismis him is the only answer. No repentance, no feeling of shame for their errors and mistakes. Make him your enemy is not the way as love your enemies is what Christ professed. Shows the church has lost its way, not the archbishop.

  9. Anderson says:

    Wayne – you said it perfectly! I wholeheartedly agree. PREACH THE TRUTH BROTHER!!

  10. Chris says:

    When Jesus spoke the word of God as God revealed to him, those religious leaders of his day said, who do you think you are, we have the Laws of Moses and Abraham, you are a nobody and they ended up killing him as a Blasphemer and Heretic. Why? Because he expressed God’s word in new ways with new meanings and different emphasis and so was rejected. God created a man and woman who before they sinned should have become mature holy son and daughter of God and become husband and wife forming a God centered family. Only due to the Fall, which was a misuse of sexual love did it become the case for celibacy for believers. Now that time has ended so those who have been keeping their purity before God should be brought together through the returning Christ to create those God centered families. Therefore the Archbishop is correct to carry out such marriage blessings under the guidance of the returned Christ figure.

  11. Baptist Jon says:

    The rise and fall of Malingo is eyeopener in whats going on in the catholic church atleast contemporally wise. Was a priest, transcended into the college of Bishops and became an archbishop, we hear that Malingo had or has special powers to deal with the extra ordinaries, which brought him into problems with the Vatican.Now that he is fully dismissed from priesthood, what theological impact has this to the entire church? Am not a theologian and therefore am asking this simple question? Can this dismissal of Malingo from the catholic church create some disorder in the catholic church, because today we hear of old and new scandals in the entire catholic church done by those who at the same time safeguards the catholic teachings. Shall we not oneday fall apart because we follow those who do us wrong spiritually either directly or indirectly. And we continue believing in them, because we don´t know how to discern theologicaly positively? Malingo had or has people who still believes in him.Those who believe in him am sure are questioning (rationale) the difference or the degree of scandals btn Malingos and those of other priests and bishops still serving in the catholic church. I was born in a catholic family and studied in catholic schools, but one problem i had and still facing is that , in catholic religion you don´t argue with your superiors no matter whether your arguement holds water. you just have to shut up. I witness a lot scandals in the catholic circles done by the clergy but when you talk about it they hate you. So many people still fear to talk out, but there many out there whose hearts are broken because of the scandals by the catholic clergy against them. Am not a follower of Malingo but i am sure that his final dismissal plus other current scandals within the circles of the catholic clergy will not leave the catholic church the same. By the way how many people did Jesus excommunicate because they did not believe in him.? How many catholic priests and bishops truely want the decree of celibacy to be written off? In other words has the Vatican ever made a survey to really find out how many priests and bishops in the entire catholic church would want to marry? If it does so trust me the majority will opt to marry to put off the stress of having women around them hidenly. We catholics all the world must learn the virtue of positive self criticism before we criticise others…and in this way we shall avoid the danger of double morale which has and still hidden in the catholic church circles. May be to avoid such scandals of Malingo, the church shld go back to old system to let the laity choose their own local bishops whom they know and trust. We all need the holy spirit to help us understand the true call into the nature of our stewardship on this earth.

  12. Maria says:

    Wayne & Anderson:
    The Bible also says on Commandment #8 to not bear false witness against another…which you both are doing…
    Jesus also said while breaking bread ‘take and eat; this is my body’ [Matt 26:26] -a few times, actually…and neither of you take His word for it.
    Which is worse: to bow repeatedly when praying or to disregard Jesus’ own Words? You tell us…

  13. Nikolaus says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with Chris as I am certain that it is God’s will that we all be perfect as our Heavenly Father – perfected in our ability to love as brothers and sisters, as parents or children. Archbishop Milingo is definitely dedicated to bring deeper understanding among believers, what I respect highly. It is my hope and prayer that we all may listen more to each others’ hearts so that ultimately true unity may be achieved among all faithful children of God.

  14. when coming to the point of celibacy of the clergy, it doesn’t mean that if there are many priests who say yes to marriage it is correct, large numbers do not always mean that what is being said or discussed is correct. There is a saying which goes like this: “Better be alone than to be in a bad company”. Whoever said this did not say it just for the fun of it. But by so saying I don’t mean that those who are advocating for it are bad, No! I just simply wanted to express the idea that many people are not always right. The reason is because as humans we are no longer living according to the wish of the Almighty, but instead according to our own wish. No longer paying any attention to what God wants, but to what we want, and therefore when temptations come we are no longer able to ressist them.

  15. Grace Mbonyiwe Phiri says:

    Good riddance to Mr Milingo. When he was joining the priesthood he knew the rules of the Church – Catholic Priests simply do not marry! You can’t have it both ways – one leg here and another there. If anyone feels they can’t live a celibate life as priest, all they have to do is leave than create chaos in the Church. We shall see what Mr Milingo will do now. The devil is done with him now, and the devil has moved on to weaker souls.

  16. obilo says:

    thanks so much vatican on the penalty of excominication. but i must tell u this…u too slow and afried in this dcision. give devil no chance. jesus shawn peter immidatly the devil want to use him to hinder his mission on earth.may God bless our holy church

  17. dr capable says:

    Auctually am very happy with the holy see and the most holy church these church as been passing through many triyer and i tell u none will make any inpack i tell u who the believers of the holy roman catholic church. if u are a catholic i tell u belive and have faith pray 4 u priests they can’t do it alone i tell u they can’t they us the faithful they need our prayers and supports they need it i tell u. To the holy and most holy see may GOD the see

  18. Nicholas says:

    Love is the perfection of Christ Our Lord.

    Action(s) without love constitute a ‘misunderstanding’ of Our Lord Jesus and His Most Basic Teaching.

    Marriage is, for lack of a deeper understanding of words, is ‘suposedly’ ‘forbidden’ by Holy Mother Church, as a ‘man-made-law’ (non Scriptural). We all know that our First Pope Peter was in fact married, while he gave ‘everything’ up to follow Our Beloved Lord in Pastoral Ministry, nevertheless, he was married and it was never formally ‘disapproved’ by Christ Himself!

    Most interestingly, is the fact that Eastern Rite Catholic men throughout the world (except USA and Canada), when the (then) mostly irish Bishops protested to Rome for the need more-so of the Celibacy of men in studies for the Holy Priesthood. In 1929 at the Passionist Monastery of St. Paul, Pittsburgh, PA, ‘Celibacy’ was, by edict, imposed on men of the Eastern Churches. There ‘seemed’ to be a ‘lack-of-understanding’ of married Catholic Clergy, which exists throughout the world, under the banner of Eastern Rite or preferably know more correctly as the Eastern (Catholic) Churches. Married Clergy is a ‘privilege’ of the Catholic Church for Eastern Catholic men throughout the ‘world’: Egypt (Coptic), Syria, Ukraine, Russia, most slavic nations. Middle-East: Turkey, Iraq (Chadean) still maintain, correctly so, a married Catholic Clergy (Priesthood).

    Even more interesting is the fact that the “Latin-Rite’ Bishops, especially in America, are now ordaining men (and have been ordaining men) of non-Catholic Faith (Baptist, Episcopalean, Methodist, etc.) into the Holy preisthood of Christ as married “Catholic Priests”. This would seem to be a smack-in-the-perverbial-canonical-‘face’ of all Eastern Catholic men, as well as Catholic Priests who served ‘faithfully,’ the God of their spiritual-lives, Jesus Christ and who most assuredly, ‘agonized’ over a serious decision to leave active priestly ministry to marry, only to be forced to seek laicization. Now we have “NON-CATHOLICS” professing Catholicism in order to be married Catholic Priests. Where is God’s ‘Justice’ for the priests who served faithfully their Catholic Church and it’s flock, only to be cast-aside as ‘sinners’.
    Our Church must ‘amend’ these ‘injustices’ in order for all to be properly ‘loved’ by the master Himself, through the Churchs’ Hierarchy. It is understandable that The Holy Father is agonizng in these ‘church-decisions’. He clearly wants to love so many. However, it would seem and with the deepest respect for our Vicar, double-standards are not the proper way to deal with this most-serious issue. What is ‘good’ for one (not even Catholic men) MUST BE GOOD FOR THE MANY. This would seem to be ‘justice’.
    Most Catholics and especially non-catholics, are not aware of (many) married Catholic Priests, serving our Catholic Faithful throughout the world!!!!! Chaldean, Coptic, Ukrainian, Ruthenian, Russian, Malabarese, Melkite Churches (Rites) all have married Catholic Priests validly ordained serving their Eastern Rite Catholic Flock (and in some cases Latin-Rite Catholcis!)!

    Of course, Orthodox Priests have always maintained a MARRIED CATHOLIC CLERGY INCLUDING IN AMERICA (USA). Please make note they possess ‘valid’ Clerical/Clergy Orders, but illicit (illegal)!
    May Our Lord Jesus Christ guide our Vicar on earth Pope Benedict in all things and grant him the ‘wisdom’ of the Holy Spirit. Let our prayers reach Our Lord Jesus that proper ‘justice,’ as well as Mercy be granted to all who truly ‘spiritually-agonize’ over the love of the Priesthood of Christ and the need to be human and love God in both ‘excellent-ways’.
    Clearly, it’s not a ‘black-and-white’ issue, but rather one that needs prayerful reflection and love ‘for-all-concerned,’ beginning with Our Holy Father Benedict, The Vicar of Christ on earth and the ‘Lord’s’ truly ‘loving-Bishops/Shepherds’ on earth and the men/priests who must be respected and loved for thier love of Jesus and Holy Mother Chruch.
    Lastly, it would be incorrect to ‘assume’ that clerical celibacy is anathema. The decision should be the decision of the man who is called by the Master Himself, to decide, to be married or celibate and ‘serve’ the Lord Jesus and His Flock in either ‘state’!
    Thank you for the opportunity to ‘share’ our Faith.

  19. It is a fact that most priest are not keeping their vow of celibacy, it may begin from families which see priesthood as a means of becoming rich easily, instead of allowing christ to call a boy just as little samuel, parents systematically convince thier son or sons to enter seminary, saying if you become a priest now you will not look for work, a car shall be ready for you, there shall be a duplex for, no suffering unlike counterparts from university, if the boy ask about marriage, they say you can befriend them, if this boy is eventually ordained what type of a priest shall he be, infact in my home town priest have the best houses and ride in luxury cars, and parents are forced to send their siblings to priesthood to make quick money, even some are marred secretly without the church knowing, but their people knowes

  20. Bryan Leigh Corlett says:

    Now let’s go after those paedophile Priests and clear it all up!

  21. wayne says:

    Now that the vatican doesnt have the power to jail or kill people aymore, it has to ex-communicate people. The catholic church is just a club, like the Boy Scouts. Who cares what laws it has or what bishops it defrocks . Its just a sham. Nobdy cares.

  22. Stateman26 says:

    This is yet another independent , self-governing church, with illicit, but valid bishops and priests, funcitoning as an underground church and an alternative to the dying Church of Rome. Women and progressive , educated Catholics will more and more be drawn to these offshoots as they spring up and the Roman Church deteriorates into a status not unlike the Shakers.

    A Church which is more and more seen as reactionary, a meddling force in American politics, especially when it comes to the constitutional rights of gays and women, will simply end up being dismissed more and more by both the media and younger, affluent Catholics with a very loose connection with the “old Catholicism” of the past.

    A new phenomenon, the Salad Bowl Catholic, who likes the pomp and pagentry of the traditional Church liturgy, admits the value of the cultural and social service legacy of 2000 years but disagrees with “the magisterium” has become a fact of life. If such a Catholic has live without the Church’s official blessing and approval, so be it.

    This is more and more the manifestation of the Catholicism of the future. Those who disagree, but still participate at the fringes will more and more be seen as the normative Catholic Church. The pope will more and more be lumped in the public’s mind as the equivalent of the Chief Prophet and President of the Mormon Church.

  23. jim says:

    I pray the Church seriously consider the issues raised before it cuts off its own people.
    The issue of celibacy of the priesthood must be discussed. It seems to me that the Holy Spirit no longer supports it; many problems, stemming from the past prohibition on marriage, are now arising. I will not list them here.
    Peter was married. Many Catholic traditions embrace married priesthood. Women are not evil; they are equal partners whose nature also originates in God.

    The Church is a vehicle to bring us to a destination. In the Book of Revelation – referring to the “Last Days” – there is no Church in the ideal city, the New Jerusalem; the dwelling place of God is within us. This goal is to prevail over any structure, and structures need adjustment to survive and help people.

    God bless the wonderful men and women (priests and nuns) who have sacrificed (by foregoing families) throughout Christian history. They are truly saints to be honored. Let them now live for Christ in blessed unity, if they so choose, for the greater glory of God and the fulfillment of the original family designed by the Creator.

  24. Patricia says:

    I am grateful for all the good education that I received through my Catholic upbringing: I learned to think more conscientiously and recognize truth and goodness. I believe that God is trying to open the doors of the Catholic faith community and allow the priests and nuns to receive the sacrament of marriage and raise families of their own. Now is the time (I believe) for the Pope to lead the way! It is not always the old ways that God works through. Maybe we need to renew our views instead. I hope the church leaders can see the historical importance and purity of this “ousted ” holy brother Emanuel, re-instate him and give him a new mission within the good graces of the Holy Father. Will that happen? Only God knows.

  25. normbetland says:

    I see that a lot of people really don’t understand what is going on here. For one, the Church’s teaching on celibacy is discipline, not doctrine. There are points to be made for each side, however, this is what the Church has decided is best. Church teaching on woman’s ordination is doctrine however, in that Christ himself selected only men as apostles, despite his high regard for women. This is immutable, and can never change. Justin, the “fact” that most priests are breaking their vows of celibacy has no substantiation. If you are going to make a bold statement like that, you really need to have proof, not conspiracy theories. Last of all, Milingo needed to be excommunicated. This punishment, despite what many are saying, is a punishment of love. It serves two purposes, the first being the protection and proclamation of truth and the flock. What Milingo did scandalizes Catholics. It muddies the truth, the unity of the Church, and excommunication is a strong statement that speaks to the fact that the Archbishop is wrong. It protects the flock from further lies from Milingo. Second, it will hopefully be a wake up call to Milingo. It is hoped that maybe this penalty will help him see his errors and bring him to repentance so that the excommunication will be lifted. The Church’s goal is to lead us in truth to Christ in Heaven. Everything the Church does is out of love and for the good of her members.

  26. Patricia says:

    There are many leaders- religious,acedemical, and polotical who are aware of the situation that the Catholic Church is facing. I thought about the faithful Catholics in Haiti who sadly lost their Archbishop in the recent earthquake disaster. Why couldn’t a MARRIED priest and his wife be assigned to rebuild the community in that country? The point is that through the blessed sacrament of marriage, coupled with strong faith in the ONE God, why is ministry a crime or a shame? I think that the main reason that Brother Milingo hasn’t been embraced by his peers is because it was the Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon who understood him and helped him to realize his dream. Even if that dream is “Impossible” or “Scandalous” to some. Let’s now give him and Rev. Moon the respect and the credit they deserve! Both will be recognized in the future as a pioneer, and not scoundrels needing repentance as well as other negative images which they have been given. This persecution may help all of us to see with God’s eyes. If we ask God in prayer to show us the truth, surely he will deliver.

  27. Isaac says:

    I don’t understand why the church will de-frock an Archbishop who is married and promoting marriage but will keep bishops who have molested children. Perhaps I’m over looking something. Are they saying marriage is wrong and pedophilia is good?

  28. Nicholas says:

    It’s interesting to note, of course, that the Eastern Church (both – Catholic and Orthodox) has ‘always’ maintained a ‘married-priesthood’.

    It was not until the 1920’s (1929) that the Bishops of America ‘protested’ to Rome to stop this (misunderstood Eastern Rite/church ‘privilege’) ‘canonical-allowance’! They achieved their goal. They achieved their goal. Eastern men from that point in time on … were ‘subscribed’ to the vow of celibacy!

    Yet, interestingly enough the Roman Catholic Bishops of America are using the privilege now for their church (i.e. Latin Rite), while the Eastern Rite men of America, who have had this privilege throughout the ‘world’ “lost” it in 1929 in the USA through the ‘discernment’ of the American Catholic Hierarchy.

    Would you believe that “”Roman Catholic”” men are using this privilege as a ‘loophole’ to be ordained married Catholic Priests! Yet, the right / privilege which should still be allowed in the USA have been taken away from the Eastern Rite/church by the USA Bishop Hierarchy (since 1929).

    Approximately ten years ago @ 10-12 ROMAN CATHOLIC “MARRIED” MEN changed their ‘native-rite’ from Roman Catholicism to Ukrainian Rite and were sent to L’vov (Ukraine) and were ordained to the Catholic Priesthood: (then ‘behind-the-iron-curtain,’) by an Ukrainian Catholic Bishop to the Holy “Catholic” (Ukrainian Rite/church) “Priesthood”!

    Their Holy Orders were VALID but illicit (illegal). They came back to the USA as ordained married Catholic (Ukrainian) Clergy. They were, however, unable to pastorally function for @ one year until the dust settled … THEY ARE NOW FUNCTIONING MARRIED CATHOLIC PRIESTS OF THE AMERICAN CATHOLIC CHURCH. Keep in mind the privilege of a married clergy for the Catholic Church is only a privilege maintained by the Eastern Rites/Churches – not the Latin Rite! Plus, ‘these men were of Latin Rite Origins’, not of the East! They used a ‘canonical-loophole’ !

    These are ‘canonical-facts’ of the Catholic Church!

    ‘Recently’, a Roman Catholic ‘married’ man of ‘Irish-decent’ changed his rite from ‘Roman Catholic’ to ‘Ukrainian Catholic,’ and was ordained to the HOLY CATHOLIC PRIESTHOOD FOR THE UKRAINIAN CATHOLIC CHURCH IN AMERICA. This married Catholic Priest is now pastorally functioning in the western part of the United States. Prior to his ordination to married Catholic Priesthood, as a ‘Roman Catholic’, he was the canon lawyer (JUDICIAL VICAR) OF A ROMAN CATHOLIC DIOCESE IN THE SOUTHWESTERN PART OF THE USA!

    Let the canonical facts be clear!

    The Orthodox Church has always maintained a married Clergy!


  29. Mwewa Mwansa says:

    restrictive theory grows in our lives like a forest spring on fertile ground we cannot live with uncontrolled movements lest we become a nuisance to ourselves. Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo now Mr Milingo would have known better that he made a vow of celibacy on his own accord at that time he accepted the situation as it was.

    One would have thought therefore that his u-turning from his vow of celibacy should not have necessited him to drug the all church with him as if to challenge the church that celibacy is impossible. We know of priests who have lived a life of purity and who have been inspirational to the youths.

    I am not disputing that there are sex oriented evils within the organisational structure of the catholic human support mainframe but the church in itself is holy.

    I pray that my beloved Bishop whatever his convictions are allows other priest in the same situation to fear the authority of church as a sign of humility we cannot justify our wrongs nor can we legitimise theft because we were caught stealing.

    Non-catholic churches were married pastors are, there are also all sorts of scandals including the many our bishop has mentioned.

    i truly believe in the cathilc church , it gives hope and allows me to learn on it shoulder while awaiting to be uplifted by jesus christ in his kingdom.

    Restriction make people grow- thank you

  30. concerned says:

    He wasn’t molesting children. and was trying to do what God intended for man to do, have sex with a woman…and marriage is important, so men with high testosterone are not inclined to have secret relationships with innocent victims ….as so many priests have done. Consider the True opinion> Jesus didn’t require celibacy of Apostles. This law was made by Vatican so the church could inherit Priests estates. Why are Catholics so brain washed? Judge men by comparing to Christ’s behavior and words….Ask your selves…Why does the Vatican have upside down crosses???? Research it

  31. Mwewa Mwansa says:

    Emmanuel Milingo has never been accused of molesting any one but of going willingly against what he concerted to as a priest . His change of heart out of frustration may have pushed him to the limit but it is no reason to die with everyone.

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