U.S. bishops disappointed in abortion-funding provisions in Senate health care bill

In a letter just released at 6 p.m. today, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has urged the Senate to make essential changes in its health care reform bill in order to keep in place federal law on abortion funding and conscience protection on abortion, protect access to health care for immigrants and include strong provisions for adequate affordability. Read the letter here.

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4 Responses to U.S. bishops disappointed in abortion-funding provisions in Senate health care bill

  1. What is wrong with these Senator…a week ago the House did what was right…the Senate should do the same.

  2. Pat Claus says:

    I hope at some point these senators will realize no bill is going to pass with these provisions, which destroy the protection we have always had against public funding of abortions. It’s going to get very, very ugly really, really fast if Catholic health care workers are forced to perform abortions, or to refer people to abortionists, or when providers are forced out of business because of this issue. I think we would be forced to take to the streets in protest if this becomes law.

  3. Joe says:

    The cold hard fact is that unless the Bishops become
    more vocal in their opposition, and fast, they will be outmanuvered by the pro abortion factions on Capital Hill. Until very recently, the relative silence from the Bishops on this issue has been fully exploited by “Catholic” politicians who have labored for years art fully crafting Abortion protocals in legislation while sharing the dais with their local Bishop or Priest in the limelight. Unless the Bishops of LA , San Francisco, Chicago and Boston finally speak up with conviction, as has recently happened in RI, Taxpayer funded Abortion will be very much a reality in the new public health care option .

  4. Jim Orr says:

    Joe – you forget, collegiality rules in the USCCB since the mid ’80s. They are not going to do anything different than they have done the last twenty-five years – which has resulted in no change in the murder of the unborn at over a million a year.

    They have the power to change it because the proabortion party could not be elected as they have been this past election and the ones before that if it weren’t for the Profession of Faith reciting Catholics giving their name ID to the proabortion party as well as their vote. I suspect half of the bishops voted for that party this past election, if they voted at all, and even more from the priest and religious.

    The bishops paved the way for this proabortion political party to remain a viable force when they diluted the definition of prolife with social justice issues some twenty-five years ago.

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