‘A question worth pondering’

Even though it was published about a month ago, a column by Father Mark Goldasich, editor of  The Leaven, newspaper of the Archdiocese of Kansas City, Kan., is still worth a read. He dedicated his Oct. 23 column “Mark My Words” to a reflection on the ministry of priests, timed for the Oct. 25 observance of World Priest Day. 

Father Goldasich told a Hasidic tale about a watchman’s thoughtful question to a rabbi: “For whom do you work?”

In his column (page 14), Father Goldasich said, “Obviously priests are not perfect. … We can be cantankerous, lazy, distracted, stubborn, weary and impatient — qualities shared by all flawed human beings. But hopefully, we balance out those less desirable qualities with an abundance of humility, humor, support, encouragement, generosity, simplicity, availability and compassion.”

He suggested parishioners “become priests’ watchmen, to watch over us through prayer.”

“While the workload for priests has increased dramatically, our numbers have not,” Father Goldasich wrote. “On those days when I can’t pray as much as I want (and should), it’s comforting to know that my watchmen are out there praying for me and protecting me from hard.”

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  1. “For whom do you work?” is a simple question for a priest to answer. In fact, that question can be answered with one short word: God.

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