Irish bishops lay groundwork for pastoral on environment

UPDATE: Here is our Nov. 10 story after the pastoral was released.

As the Irish Catholic Bishops Conference prepares to issue a pastoral reflection on Christian responsibility to care for the environment on Nov. 10, they are laying groundwork with material posted on their Web site.

In one piece, Archbishop Dermot Clifford of Cashel is interviewed about the church’s environmental stewardship role and people’s individual responsibilities.

The patron saint of the environment is not “St. Al Gore,” as one 12-year-old student suggested when the archbishop made a recent school visit, but St. Francis of Assisi, Archbishop Clifford notes.

He called all people to do even simple things, like recycling and not wasting water.

“Everybody plays a part,” he said. “It’s not just the American government or the other world governments.”

In a second video on the page, John Sweeney, director of the Irish Climate Analysis and Research Units, is interviewed about global warming, its consequences and individual responsibility.

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