‘Foul ball,’ writes Archbishop Dolan — and he’s not talking about baseball

In an Oct. 29 posting on his new blog, Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan writes: “October is the month we relish the high point of our national pastime, especially when one of our own New York teams is in the World Series! Sadly, America has another national pastime, this one not pleasant at all: anti-Catholicism.”

The archbishop’s posting is a longer version of a piece he said he submitted to The New York Times as an op-ed article, but the newspaper “declined to publish it.” He points out several news stories from the last couple of weeks in the secular press as “evidence of this unfairness against the Catholic Church.”

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  1. It should be no surprise to Abp. Dolan that the NYT didn’t publish his article. The rag obviously thought that it didn’t further its own interests in doing so. Rarely will the paper publish a contrary op-ed, and then only when it thinks it needs something to point to in order to show how “broadminded” it is.

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