St. Damien’s ceaseless care for the suffering inspires

Joining in the celebration of the Oct. 11 canonization of  St. Damien de Veuster is Council 11411 of the Knights of Columbus in the Diocese of Rochester, N.Y.  The Blessed Damien of Molokai Council is among a handful of Knights’ councils across the country named after the Belgian-born missionary priest who ministered in Hawaii, caring for those who had leprosy, or Hansen’s disease as it is called today.

“Basically, our mission is to reflect Christ as a servant. Damien reflected that very well,” Angelo Guzman, warden of Council 11411, said in an interview in the Catholic Courier, Rochester’s diocesan newspaper. “To be the right arm of the church — this is what Damien did. He wasn’t afraid to to get his hands dirty, and neither are we.”

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3 Responses to St. Damien’s ceaseless care for the suffering inspires

  1. Mary says:

    We have been so edified in our home by St. Damien’s example. The stories our children have read have made them realize what a fearsome sacrifice missionary work can be. Missionary work takes God’s grace and heroic resolve. Resignation haunts because one cannot simply make an act of resignation and be done with it. Resignation is a constant spectre over each day, sometimes each act. He is a reminder to us in family life, too, since he was so helpful to those around him in a family manner.


  2. Deacon Ronnie San Nicolas says:

    During this Year for Priests, may Saint Damien inspire our beloved priests throughout the world with renewed zeal to serve the people of God. Thanks be to God for Saint Damien. Pray for us.

    Aloha ke Akua (God is Love).

    Deacon Ronnie San Nicolas

  3. Jim says:

    The lepers of this modern day are those suffering the wounds of childhood sexaual abuse and abortion. I am not talking just about the women who suffer the awful after effects of abortion. I am talking about the husbands and boyfreinds who mourn the death of their unborn child. I am talking about the children who suffer because of what happens in a marriage after abortion. I am talking about the broken home caused by failed relationships after abortion. I am talking about the increased out-of-wedlock births which result from the womans attempt to replace her dead baby. I am talking about the true poverty caused by grieving and dysfunctional mothers who cannot provide the emotional sustainance needed by her other children. I am talking of the unspeakable pain of the woman who is told it is best to abort her child because the child was concieved in incest. Such a woman will suffer the rest of her life and her later children and family with her. She will suffer because she dare not reveal her wounds and others will turn away because the wounds are so horrible and reflective of the values of this society. And yes, finally I am talking about the spiritual wounds which are so deep and so painful and yet often unrecognized, unspoken and unhealed.

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