Alaska archbishop finds Scouting has a spiritual side too

Scouting doesn’t get a lot of recognition these days. Whether it’s a wilderness adventure or learning a new skill, the diverse programs of the Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts offer young people the chance to become better prepared for life.

Surely there are a lot of advantages to Scouting and one bishop is investing some of his valuable time and energy in promoting this  worthwhile activity.

A recent story in the Catholic Anchor, newspaper of the Archdiocese of Anchorage, Alaska, looks at the work of Archbishop Roger Schweitz, a former Scout himself, who believes Scouting for both boys and girls has a definite spiritual side in addition to the fun activities.

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One Response to Alaska archbishop finds Scouting has a spiritual side too

  1. Jeff Roseman says:

    I am a Scouting leader, and am very happy to see a return to spirituality in BSA. We have struggled with this in the past in our unit as well, but have made strides to put God back into Scouting in Ohio. God is one of the foundations of Scouting, yet there has been an erosion of that foundation over years of spiritual neglect and apathy within Scouting. As leaders, we need to literally take the lead and ensure that God is the cornerstone of Scouting to the benefit of every boy and adult leader.

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