‘My mom’s a saint’ tops most-viewed stories for September

One of our favorite stories last month was also one of yours: our feature on Laura Molla, whose mother is a saint — not just the “my mom’s a saint” kind of saint, but a real, official, declared-by-the-church saint.

Medjugorje, Ted Kennedy’s funeral, health care and sex were also popular topics for our readers during September.

Here’s the complete list:

1. Saint’s daughter hopes to follow her mother’s example of loving life (Sept. 14)

2. Mostar bishop reiterates rules for Medjugorje parish (Sept. 28)

3. Cardinal, priests discuss what guides decisions on Catholic funeral (Sept. 3 — our backgrounder on the rules for Catholic burial following the death of Sen. Ted Kennedy)

4. Bishops urge united Catholic voice on key elements of health reform (Sept. 4)

5. British prayer book for spouses includes ‘Prayer Before Making Love’ (Sept. 2)

6. Human trafficking remains largely in the shadows across the US (Sept. 8)

7. Bishops say health reform should include all immigrants, legal or not (Sept. 22)

8. War of words: Berlusconi, Boffo, beauties and bishops (Sept. 4)

9. Vatican’s got game: The Holy See’s sports hall of fame is revealed (Sept. 11)

10. Apostolic visitation questionnaire sent to US religious orders (Sept. 21)

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